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Well Dashboard

Well Dashboard

December 31, 2022

Well Dashboard

Start the new year off more informed on-well performance and profitability. Your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software goes above and beyond accounting software to include the Well Dashboard, providing well data key performance indicators.

What is it?

It's kinda like the dashboard of your car, with an “at-a-glance” view of well data. Designed for company owners and officers, engineers, and other non-accounting management staff, review well info fast and easy with a few quick clicks. The Well Dashboard accesses data from all areas of SSI applicable to well performance ‐ expenses, production, etc. - and collapses that data for an overview of well evaluation - with enhanced graphics, charts and other visuals. Comprehensive well analysis includes drill-down ability for everything needed to evaluate and manage well profitability on individual wells, or combined by any number of unique well groupings.

How does it work?

It's easy. Select a well or well grouping for easy visual evaluation and comparison on operators, areas, acquisition packages, etc. Once groupings are selected, pick and choose the data points to graph, i.e. oil barrels, gas MCF, lease operating expenses, perhaps net Working Interest payout. There are 186 data points from which to select!

Wells within the selected group (multiple groups) will be collapsed, and the last 24 months of well cost profit/loss will be graphed by each group's contribution to the total for a selected month. Industry standard values, such as price per barrel, MCF and gallon, sales for oil, gas and liquids, lifting cost, operating income/expense ratios, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!

Once collapsed by groupings and visually presented, the SSI Well Dashboard allows drill down to specific wells within the grouping, thereby providing a well-by-well analysis of the paired grouping.

Here's an example…

Start with a review of all producing wells collapsed by “clicking” on a particular area, then another click on one of those areas and all wells within that area will be presented. Select a specific well to further drill down and retrieve actual expense. Another quick click on the specific month expense presents actual accounting entries comprising that monthly value. Click Decline Curve to easily see the anticipated month/year expenses will exceed revenue.

Some visuals on the visuals…

The places you can go with graphs!

Drill down for detailed transactions on well costs!

With the actual original images of corresponding invoices!

The only limitation?

Your creativity within the well groupings!

Your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software has all the pieces to give quick and accurate projections on well evaluation and profitability. If you can get it into SSI, we can get it out and into a format that management can easily analyze.

Contact us for more information on the SSI's Well Dashboard.

SSI is here to make YOUR job EZier!

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