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Archiving ARM Files

Archiving ARM Files

May 14, 2021

Keep your SSI ARM from getting arthritis!

Archiving ARM Files

As daily, monthly and yearly processes are performed, ARM reports under each button will increase, and can eventually get a bit unwieldy to find. So…SSI recommends a periodic Archive process for organization and easier retrieval.

Archiving will sub-categorize your ARM reports by year and will use the PHYSICALMM/DD/YYYY of the ARM report within the program/module. All ARM reports generated in every year can be archived – ex: 2015, 2016, 2017, etc. – as far back as your ARM reports go! 

All reports with an ARM date of 12/31/2020 are moved to an Archived directory and sub-divided by module (AP, APC, AR, RP, etc.) then button – AP03,AR03. RP05, etc.

As an example: the 12/31/2020 ARM reports for AP03 audits will be found in archive hierarchy ARM/ARCHIVE/ARC20201231/COMP-01/AP/AP03.

How do your retrieve reports that have been ARCHIVED?

Good question and SSI has the EZ answer. It’s much faster and much more efficient than searching through years and years of ARM reports in your regular ARM directory.

On your main SSI screen – see the little gray safe icon on the upper right? That icon directs you to Archive ARM files. Look for the Archive directory– it will normally display at the top. Double click to see all Archived years - named as ARCYEARDATEMONTH. Then a simple double-click displays all of your historical ARM reports.   

Refer to SSI’s On-Line Help for instructions on Archiving ARM Files. Instructions for archiving the prior year can also be found on SSI’s Year-End checklist as a reminder. 

It’s easy to do and even if you’ve never archived before – you can still do it by year.

Just one more way to keep you running LEAN and MEAN. Efficient and time-saving is the name of the game for SSI! 

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