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Accounts Payable Playbacks

Accounts Payable PlayBacks

April 21, 2021

Accounts Payable PlayBacks

Accounts Payables PlayBacks make a recording of an invoice entered to a vendor so it can be used again!

  • A perfect example:  PlayBacks are great for non-operated JIB invoices with multi-distribution lines. Charges for each well on the JIB invoice can be extensive and are generally consistent - the same wells every month.
  • The beauty? For those invoices with line after line of distribution, don’t enter every single line, every single month. Enter it once and create a PlayBack of the invoice. The PlayBack is used as a template, and future invoices will pre-fill all those distribution lines so you only have to change what’s different (ex: dollar amounts).
  • It’s easy and flexible! Enter your Accounts Payable invoice as normal, with all its distributions.

TIP: It’s important to enter your distributions in the same order as on the JIB invoice to make it fast and easy to follow next month’s invoice and edit your coding/dollars on the Playback.

In AP03– Transaction Entry after you’ve entered the invoice and before you save, select Create Playback

Give your Playback a unique Reference name (max 16-character alpha-numeric) and select the SAVE icon

Create New Play Back Reference – Yes

SAVE and exit Accounts Payable transaction entry as normal.

The next time you access the AP03 – Accounts Payables Transaction Entry screen, select the Play Back button for a list of all Playbacks on file.

Double-click to choose your Play Back.  

The Play Back invoice will appear. Enter the new Reference (invoice) number, new invoice Gross dollar amount (and discounts if any), then advance to Distributions.

Distribution line items will be pre-filled and ready to edit. Add, change or delete a distribution line. Change well number, expense category and amount as needed.


Short cut – to quickly add/delete a distribution line, click in the distribution field for the line then click Insert or Remove.

When all of the changes/edits have been made, Green Check and Save the Accounts Payable invoice. Batch out as normal.

But wait!!!

What if I exit AP03 – Accounts Payables Transaction Entry and forget to create a Playback? Or want to implement Playbacks today on existing invoices I entered yesterday?  No sweat! A Playback can be created on any invoice not yet paid.

In AP03 enter the Vendor number and the Reference (invoice) number to display the existing invoice.


Fun Fact: Enter the Vendor number and select Inquiry/Edit Vendor Transactions (gray file drawer) icon. It is a handy way to list the invoices for a vendor.

Select the (unpaid) invoice for Playback.

On the Duplicate Invoice on File dialog screen, click Green Check.

Then, on the AP Invoice select Create PlayBack.

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