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AP03 Invoice Entry Distribution Tricks

AP03 - Invoice Entry Distribution Tricks

April 21, 2021

AP03 – Invoice Entry Distribution Tricks

One little button that packs a big punch!

AP03 Transaction Entry Distributions screen
Distribution Tricks (lower left side of Distribution screen) contains simple but mighty short-cut tools to help when entering multiple distribution lines on AP03 invoices.

‘.’ To Duplicate Well or Category From Previous Entry
Depending on where the period is placed, repeats the well number or category from the previous line.
Previous Entry 123000305
Repeat well:Enter.306=123000306
Repeat category:Enter124000.=124000305
Repeat well &category: Enter..=123000305

‘.’ In Land DOI Position to Fetch Active Land Lease DOI
Enter a period instead of a land lease DOI in the distribution line and SSI find the active land lease DOI. Enter the lease and two periods (..) to repeat the DOI and category. Enter three periods (…) to repeat the lease/DOI/category
Previous Entry 123456B21
Repeat DOI: Enter123456.21=123456B21
Repeat DOI and category:Enter123456..=123456B21
Repeat lease/DOI/category: Enter=123456B21

‘!’ Then Tab Out to Access Extended Description
An exclamation point and TAB will hot key to extended descriptions. Works for Wells, Leases and G&A transactions.

‘+’ Then Tab Out to Copy Previous Description
A plus sign and TABi n Description will copy the Description or Extended Description from the line above regardless of cost type (Wells, Land or G&A entries).
Short-cuts are great! SSI provides all kinds of short-cuts, tips and tricks to streamline your processes and save time, thus making your job EZier!

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