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JIB Formats

JIB Formats

April 21, 2021

JIB Format A or B – take your pick

Next time you run Joint Interest Billing, try this for a change-up

Format A
Prior to SSI 2020, Format A was the default presentation for JB11-Statement of Joint Operations and JB12 – JIB Invoice-way it’s always been done. Displays the Reference (typically invoice number) for each transaction line, followed by the Description of Expense for each transaction line. See Format A example below for Truck Rental.

Format B
New format option for SSI 2020. Flips the Reference and Description of Expense location. For multiple lines with the same Description of Expense category coding, the description is shown once followed by each reference. Doesn’t print on every single line like Format A. No redundancy of displaying the same coding Description of Expense on each line. Nothing is lost in the JB12 detail of charges with Format B; it’s just that the same Description of Expense isn’t unnecessarily repeated.
Which Format is your company using? When executing JB11 orJB12, format is displayed in the upper right corner. It’s easy to switch. Try it both ways and see what you think.

How do you switch formats?
WM02 – Well Maintenance |Company Maintenanceselect Format B and SAVE. When changing formats, always run a new JB11 before the JB12.

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