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GL04 - Inquire on General Ledger by Account Range

GL04 - Inquire on General Ledger by Account Range

April 21, 2021

GL04 - Inquire on General Ledger by Account Range

EZ way to review transactions for a specific range of accounts

For an easy way to review transactions on just income accounts, or narrowed down even further to just oil and gas income accounts?  

Account Range Selection is the perfect answer.

Select the Account Range Selection button and enter Starting/Ending Account (using example above – the oil and gas income accounts). 

Tip: Combined with the Starting/Ending Account ranges above, use Starting Period and Year Thru 01 through 12 to provide (per example) all oil and gas income transactions for a year. Using Starting Period and Year Thru crosses open and closed period boundaries and includes ending balances by each period within the account range.   

Is there more?

Some handy quick click options

  • Include All Accounts - Prefills the Starting/Ending Account from the Chart of Accounts
  • Clear Accounts - Single click “start all over” and reset options
  • Zero Balance No Transaction Accounts - Select to include accounts with a zero balance or no transactions. Good to review accounts and reconcile for coding changes or errors. 
  • All Departments with These Accounts - Short-cut to accommodate for multiple departments. Another great way to review and reconcile for errors coded to an incorrect department in the transaction entry. 
  • Sort Start/End Accounts - This is cool! Don’t worry – let SSI do the heavy sorting!  Enter Starting/Ending Accounts in any order and select Sort Start/End Accounts to re-arrange in numeric order by account.

GL04 is just one of the vast number of tools SSI offers in its toolbox to make your job EZier and the Account Range Selection enhances GL04 even more! 

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