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How to Delete a Purchaser's Revenue Check

How to Delete a Purchaser's Revenue Check

April 21, 2021

How to Delete a Purchaser’s Revenue Check

Did you ever get a check entered in RP03 or import using RP03I that was WRONG all the way around? You just need a do-over?

SSI has a plan for that. We have a handy-dandy utility for deleting an entire revenue check in RP03– Transaction Entry so you don’t have to waste time deleting one by one. This utility has all kinds of filters available to zero in on just specific entries to delete.

To get to the utility, in RP03 – Transaction Entry select a period(it really doesn’t matter what period), select Transaction Add/Change/Delete and green check (if using Revenue Groups, you’ll also need to select a group).

From the Revenue Entry dialog, select the Utilities tab at the top of the screen and Global Delete of Entries from the drop down. Use as many or as few of the filters available to target the entries to delete. It’s as simple as that.

But remember – be careful what you wish for. Gone means gone. Before you start deleting entries it’s always best to: 

  1. make a SAVE of RPF and
  2. run RP03P – Transaction Inquiry and review the transactions.  The same criteria available in the global delete utility is available on the inquiry. 
Important side-note

When reviewing RP03P entries that say Suspended– Posted to GL should NOT be deleted. The notation on the RP03P report is easy to see. These entries have had an effect on the General Ledger and therefore take a different plan.

Contact our HelpDesk – we’ll help you through it.

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