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April 21, 2021

What are your Favorites?

In SSI there are so many short-cuts and ways to make your job easier, faster and more efficient. Time is money. Here is a time-saver you may have forgotten or didn’t know.

Notice Favorites on the main SSI menu?

What applications in SSI do you most often use? Those applications can be set as your Favorites and are unique to your desktop. It’s all about you.

Favorites are mouse-driven and bypass layering through menus and sub-menus. If most of your time is spent in AP03 – Accounts Payables Transaction Entry, add it as a Favorite!

To add a Favorite, right click on any button in SSI (example: AP03) and select Add to Favorites. To remove a Favorite, select Delete from Favorites.

Once Favorites have been added, a single click on the Favorites dropdown, and another single click on the application (just 2 clicks) access your Favorite program!


In Preferences | User Preferences select Favorites Alphabetized to alphabetize by menu program on the drop-down list.  Unselected, your Favorites will appear on drop-down list in sequential order as each was added.

Favorites is just one of many short-cuts designed to make SSI faster and EZier for you!

Why not give Favorites a try?

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