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SSI Advantage

Our Priorities

Wizard EZ

WIZARD EZ – How does SSI provide individualized processing requirements to hundreds of clients? Custom programs? That would be dastardly!  The solution? WIZARD EZ. YOUR report, YOUR way, every time, time after time. It’s so easy for YOU to define your company’s parameters to fit YOUR company’s needs in the best possible way. The WIZARD EZ will assist your company in improvising, adapting, and overcoming ANY obstacle.  SSI WIZARD EZ remembers so that you don’t have to. It eliminates problems with staff vacation, time off, sick employees, and re-training of new staff. Let your defined WIZARD EZ run your entire Month-End JIB process with 11 mouse clicks! Don’t believe it? We can demonstrate it. From hundreds of available options, you select the choice few. Save the WIZARD and there’s nothing left to memory for your back-office accounting department.

Our Priorities

Filter EZ

FILTER EZ –  SSI's innovative use of Well Groups is what makes it an unparalleled piece of energy accounting software. By associating wells or groups of wells within user-defined groups, SSI's sophisticated Well History Analysis options provide accurate reporting with no waiting. Well Masters are attached to a specific group (or groups) to be categorized in a variety of ways, i.e. Production Status, Acquisition, etc., so that virtually ANY well-related report can be generated quickly.

Our Priorities


EXCEL EZ – SSI is the first software provider who, years ago, integrated and embraced Excel for importing and exporting transactions. All transactions can be imported - Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables and Revenue Receipts, to name just a few. Additionally, export transaction inquiries to a “true” Excel format and collects all transaction and account balance data. While inquiring in any SSI transaction database, it’s so EZ to click the Excel button and Voila! Excel appears on your screen - populated with your selected filtered criteria. Not just for transactions, but also Well Analysis data (including profitability, volumes, income and expenses, etc.), Land/Lease data records, and much more!  SSI’s EXCEL EZ is EXCELlent!

Our Priorities

Magic EZ

MAGIC EZ – Magnetically Assisted Guaranteed Import Conversion. SSI will prevent data conversions from being your worst nightmare. We have a method and suite of tools that assures accuracy. A successful data conversion starts and defines our business relationship and requires an organized and procedural pre-determined plan. Our conversions are guaranteed. Since Excel is easy and universal, it is our choice for media exchange. Minimize the added work and stress for your back-office accounting staff and let us handle your data conversion with our MAGIC EZ. SSI was the pioneer in development and standardization on implementing data conversions utilizing Excel as the bridge product. Tie your converted data balances to your previous system balances and Excel is the tie-breaker. It might not be EZ but it is GUARANTEED.