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Email SSI Reports

Email SSI Reports

June 15, 2021

If you own SSIMail, it’s like having your own personal little email address book in SSI!

What it Does

Add your own personal list of email recipients consisting of internal managers and bosses and/or outside recipients (such as your tax accountant). Create a PDF and instantly email to the recipients selected from your personal list. This list is unique to each desktop. This is not a shared file.  Each desktop has its own email address book. Any time a report, any report, is executed to SSI View, it can be emailed as a PDF to one or more recipients from your own personal email list. Email recipients can be added “on the fly” if need be.

How to Email a Report as a PDF with/without Attached Images

  • Run your report and in SSI View, select the Email Report icon (5th icon from the left top corner)
  • Report Page Selection – select all pages, current page, etc.
  • If your report includes document images, the images can be attached to the email as well.  Select the Paperclip icon, the specific images to include or Select All and SAVE.

To view a specific image, select the image and the Magnifying Glass icon.

Your email will include two PDFs – one PDF of the report and one PDF of all the selected images. 

Note: due to internet file size restrictions, reports with a large number of images may be too big to attach all images.  See instructions below, Copying Images to Your C: Drive When Attachments are Too Large to Attach to Email, for copying images to a folder on your C: drive when file is too large to attach.

  • Green Check
  • Desktop Email - located on bottom half of dialog box.  

Set-up new recipients by entering the recipient’s Name and Email Address; select SAVE.

  • Individually select the recipient(s) to receive the email report or use the Include All Desktop selection. Once selected, email recipients display in the Email     Recipients section at the top of the screen. 
  • Select the Send Email to Recipients icon (Envelope/World with green arrow) on the middle right.  You’ll receive a notification Creating PDF, then Mail Sent Successfully when the email(s) complete.

More Cool Features You Don’t Want to Overlook  

  • Request Read Recipient – yep…you got it. Requests the recipient to send back an email that the email was read; however, the recipient does have the option to say  no.  
  • Subject (required) - prefills with the report being sent. Shows in the email subject line. It can be edited but must contain something.  
  • Message to Send with Report (optional) – shows up in the body of the email. For instructions, date information, “as per your request” or anything else. It’s free form but can be left blank.  
  • Preview Images Before Attaching

If you attached images to the email, SSI will display the PDF with all the images for your review prior to sending the email.  Default is Attach Images Without Previewing.  Must select this option to preview the images.

Copying Images to Your C: Drive When Attachments are Too Large to Attach to Email

  • After executing the report to SSIView, select the PDF icon from the menu bar
  • Message Displays: Do you want to convert the images in this report to a PDF?
  • Select Copy All
  • Message Displays: This will copy all images from each page to your SSIUSER\Reports\Attachments folder so that you can manually send the attachments or manually create PDFs.  Do you want to continue?
  • Select Yes
  • Message displays with the location and name of the directory created with the images.  The directory will include a separate directory for each page of the report, which contains the PDFs found on that specific page. 
  • Now that the images are in a separate directory, copy them to a zip drive or use a file hosting service like One Drive or Drop Box to transfer the images to the recipient.

The Beauty?

It’s so EZ to email month-end financial reports, well history reports, or anything else to in-house management. If you can see it in SSI View, you can email it to anyone you want. It’s so much EZier than printing a hardcopy and running it down the hall to management. Managers and bosses will love the fact that they don’t have a desk full of coffee-stained paper. And will save trees and some money on paper in the bargain.

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