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April 16, 2021


Our published checklists may be the MOST USEFUL documents SSI has to offer. Whether you are a one-stop shop or have a very precise division of duties for your users, SSI’s checklists are invaluable as a guide for assuring each SSI application is properly completed.
    Why Do I Need to Use a Checklist?

    Let’s face it – we’re not getting any younger. We’re lucky to remember what we have for lunch most days, much less remember the steps necessary to complete monthly or yearly processes.   Enter SSI’s Checklists.

     Why Does SSI Direct So Much Attention to Checklists?

    To help keep you “on track” and minimize mistakes in terms of the how and when, SSI provides you with step-by-step processing for everything you’ll ever want or need to know to keep SSI running lean and mean. JIB processing – it’s in there. Revenue processing – in there. General Ledger processing and closing – it’s all there! What about Oil and Gas Production, Gas Balancing, Non-Consent processing? They’re in there! We’ve covered every module that requires a closing process for your business model – organized in a format design to accommodate standard processing scenarios.  

     Help on remembering Monthly JIB and Revenue processing? Yearly 1099 processing? Talk about PRICELESS!!

    Where Can I Find a Checklist?

    That’s the easiest part of all! From the main menu bar (along the top of your SSI screen) select Help, then Checklists from the dropdown. We’ve included Month-End checklists as well as Cycle checklists for AP Check Writing, Fixed Assets, Land Management, etc. Just print and GO.

    Bonus – we’ve included space to initial with date and time completed for each task.  

    Can I Use My Same Old Checklist Forever and Ever?

    Well…in a word? No. Not our recommendation Why? Like everything else, SSI is evolutionary and therefore so are the checklists. What is applicable now may not be necessary in the future. Our checklists are updated as needed to accommodate enhancements applicable to processes. If you are using the same old checklist that you started with 20 years ago, you might be missing processes for some really important and useful stuff! Good example? 1099 processing - the government makes changes almost every year. We integrate those changes into our software and also into our checklists.

    Use Checklists!

    Let SSI take care of your processing steps. You can rely on your memory for the other stuff – like lunch. 

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