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Blue Box - Database Look-up

Blue Box

April 16, 2021

What’s the Blue Box and How Does it Work?

The Blue Box is a nifty short-cut for the Down Arrow look-up and is accessible to initiate searches on any database in SSI

SSI provides various tools to make your job quick and easy and Look-ups are a great example.

As a standard look-up throughout, SSI provides a Down Arrow look-up button. However! Time is money and extra mouse clicks take time.

Use the Blue Box to search for Wells, Vendors, Owners, Business Associates, etc.

Blue Box controls are kept in PreferencesUser Preferences- EZ Listing (upper left on the top menu ribbon).

On the User Startup Preferences screen – in the EZ Listing box

Startup – activates a big Blue Box on the front end, allowing a max of 8 alpha/numeric characters to be used for look-ups.

This option pops you directly over to the EZ Listing dialog screen.

Enable – activates a single digit Blue Box. Once activated, Blue Boxes will start appearing all over the place – any place that needs a look-up.

The cursor focus will always start in the Blue Box. Use it by entering a single letter, and the database list instantly appears.

Double click on the desired line to retrieve the database file. Added bonus - you’ve also got the larger 8- digit blue box to really hone in on your search.

At any time, it’s OK to tab past the Blue Box to manually enter and retrieve data.

The Down Arrow icon is also still an available option. 

Disable – the “do not take advantage of the Blue Box at all” option.

Back to manual entry or taking that extra little Down Arrow mouse-click when accessing look-up dialog screens.

Down Arrow does provide that bigger 8 letter max blue box to help zero in on your database search.

Whether you use the Blue Box or the Down Arrow, once the EZ Listing dialog is displayed, you’ve got your 8 digit - Starts With These Characters –blue box. TAB to display the list matching the letters entered.

Looking for the Brees#1 well and can’t find it in the Bs because the official name of the well is the Drew Brees #1

Select Contains These Characters to find Brees anywhere in the name. 

Blue Box is a great hot-key to all look-ups in SSI. Select Enable to take advantage of this versatile tool. It can be used when needed, and hopped over when not needed.

No matter your preference – SSI has the customization tools to help make YOUR job EZier!

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