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Changing Spreadsheet Style and File Name

Changing Spreadsheet Style and File Name

May 3, 2022

It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring, isn’t it? And oh! The places you can go!

Did you know? For any SSI report that includes the Excel export button, the Excel spreadsheet can be set to a whole palette of pretty colors and font faves. And…there are LOTS of SSI reports that go to Excel! 

This is really fun!

Here’s how:

Access any report that exports to Excel (we’ll use AR05 as an example) as you normally do – selecting the filters, etc. according to your needs.

Select the Excel button at the bottom of the screen.

Have you ever noticed the Change Spreadsheet Style button on the sub-screen dialog?

Click that button. See Cell Color and Font choices for:

  • Title     Style - the main heading for the report (i.e. AR05 – Current Owner     Transactions)
  • Heading     Style - all the column headings (Owner Name, Reference, Invoice Date,     Amount, etc.)
  • Body     Style – the main body of information
  • Total     Style – total lines if/as applicable.

But wait!! You’ve also got Horizontal and Vertical Alignment for each of the above.

Want the column headings to be centered and highlighted in green? Left Justified and yellow? Top or bottom of the cell? The choice is yours.

Set it and forget it. Pick a report (like AR05), change spreadsheet colors, fonts, alignment, and execute.

From now on, all reports that export to Excel share your own personal style, until you decide to change it.

If you get too cray-cray, there is a Default button to change back to the original factory delivered settings. 

It’s fun to play with and all that, but the really good thing? It’s much easier to read through the spreadsheet – especially for column headings. And so impressive when sending to colleagues and business contacts!  

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