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Owner Portal

Owner Portal

November 3, 2021

Attach PDFs to owner records.

Yet another great use for Document Imaging. Imagine it! The ability to actually see historical JIB/Land Billing/AFE prepays/Order Entry invoice copies in AR05 – Owner Portal. And, if using SSIMICR for revenue check writing, see historical copies of revenue check detail. 

Say that again? Yes… if using Document Imaging, auto-attach a copy of billings and revenue backup, etc. to AR05 – Owner Portal (the revenue check and detail can also be viewed from RP26P - Owner Paid History). The benefits of this enhancement cannot even be measured! 

This was such a great enhancement when originally presented in our release. It’s STILL great and so EZ to implement!

Here’s why it’s so great! In the old days if you wanted to see a historical JIB for an owner, you’d have to go into the JB12 Archived Report Manager (aka ARM), find the correct ARM copy, and search for the owner(s). Same way with historical revenue check detail, search through ARM copies for the correct RPC05V, then search some more for the owner. Now use AR05 – Owner Portal for everything!

So convenient! And saves so much time! No more searching, searching, searching in the ARM for the owner and detail.

What? AR05 – Owner Portal? Yes…AR05 renamed and enhanced. By definition, a portal is a great big door. The AR05 - Owner Portal door opens out to everything owner-related - JIB and Revenue history, DOIs, Accounts Receivables history, etc. Anything related to Accounts Receivables Owners can be done from the AR05- Owner Portal, including the historical JIBs, Revenue Check detail, etc.  

Here’s how it works! You need Document Imaging with baskets for AR and Revenue. Need to be using SSIMICR for revenue check writing. In WM02 Company Maintenance(main screen/right side in the middle) select Image JIB/AFE Invoices and RP Checks. Once that’s done, run JIB as normal. Go-forward, part of the JB13process will auto-attach the JIB to AR05 – Owner Portal. Revenue check detail will auto-attach as part of RPC13, Land Billing as part of the LMB13, Order Entry as part of OE13, etc.

Tried it once and decided the processing time took too long? We’ve addressed that. Processing time has been shortened by as much as 75%.

Granted, processing time for JB13/LMB13/RPC13 might take a minute or two longer – but the benefits far outweigh a couple extra minutes of processing time. You’ll get it back ten-fold (at least!) the first time you use it.

Just like with any Document Image, simply click on the document number to present the document in the DI viewer. Review it, print it, email it, etc. – all right there, at your fingertips, and designed to make your job EZier!


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