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AR03E - Accounts Receivable Transaction Edit

AR03E - Transaction Edit

April 21, 2021

AR03E – Accounts Receivable Transaction Edit

A new button designed to help with little boo-boos

Wrong date? Fixable. Type-o on a description? Fixable.

Here’s how it works…

You typed a boo-boo on the description of a payment in AR03–Accounts Receivables Transaction Entry


In AR03E – Transaction Edit, enter the Owner Number

Then either:

Use the Starting Reference as a filter to narrow the display - makes it easier to find a transaction by narrowing the search

Tab through Starting Reference for a list of open item transactions for the owner - could be along list if the owner has many transactions

You can edit:

Invoice Date (Date)

Salesman (Slsm)

Due Date


      For each line item that is incorrect, correct and move to next line item(s) as necessary.

      Copy and paste works too if you have multiple lines to correct! Highlight the new corrected description and paste (just like normal) over any other bad description transactions.

      Select Run to saves changes

      Notice that you’re not limited to just payments. Also edit invoices, adjustments or credit memos. Any transaction in Accounts Receivables Open Items can be edited.

      Remember, the AR03E list only shows items in Accounts Receivables Open Items. Anything that has already moved to Accounts Receivables History via the Accounts Receivables Month-End process cannot be edited.

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