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SSI Share

April 21, 2021

SSI Share

Email Excel version of JIB and Revenue Check Vouchers to Owners

It’s an instantaneous, eco-conscious, and techno-advanced world. SSI has the answer on how to increase productivity with your processes and save a few trees in the bargain. It’s called SSI Mail.

SSI Mail takes care of the instantaneous and eco-conscious part.

Here’s the techno-advanced part. An additional and HUGE benefit with SSI Mail is the ability to send an Excel version of the JIB and/or Revenue Voucher to your owners. Unfortunately, there are a few oil and gas companies in the world who don’t own SSI – their loss. Think about how easy it is for those techno-savvy owners to use SSI’s Excel JIB/Revenue check version to import into whatever(sub-par) books they use.

Now let’s talk about the enlightened bunch who use SSI. Have you heard of SSI Share? It’s also part of the SSI Mail benefits. SSI Share seamlessly imports from the Excel spreadsheet you send to your owner’s SSI books. Talk about techno-advanced? This gives a whole new meaning to the word!

Either way, it’s EZ! In AR01 enter the owner, then select JIB/Revenue.

For JIB- select SSI Share Email- JIB Invoices, either Summarized (which summarizes all costs into Tangible, Intangible, LOE and Leasehold) or Detail (which shows each specific transaction and expense category). Execute the JIB process as normal. When emails are sent, an Excel attachment will be included for owners flagged as such.

For Revenue voucher- same place.  AR01 –JIB/Revenue dialog screen and select Revenue Check under SSI Share Email. Execute Revenue processes as normal and Emailed vouchers will include the Excel attachment for flagged owners.

Contact us for more information on the SSI Share option!

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