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Archived Report Manager (ARM)

Archived Report Manager (ARM)

April 21, 2021

Archived Report Manager (ARM)

The MOST efficient way to handle in-house reporting, save trees and keep environmentalists happy

What is ARM?

A digital report file cabinet residing as part of SSI data.

ARM eliminates physical file space. File rooms, cabinets, and offsite storage are not cheap or efficient. The answer to cut costs and add efficiency is SSI ARM. Archived reports don’t get water damage, don’t get eaten by critters, are not a fire hazard, don’t require manual filing and are permanent.

Archive any report generated within SSI and retrieve at any time. Reports are easy to Archive, easy to find, and easy to view.

ARM any report

From SSI View select ARM Report - the yellow file folder icon on toolbar.

Retrieve an ARM report

ARM reports are cataloged by button/program, AP03 – Accounts Payables Transaction Entry audits will archive under the AP03 menu button, archived GL07 – Trial Balance will appear under the GL07 button, etc.

A right click on the menu/button is the fastest and easiest way to retrieve and view any ARM report. Select View ARM Files. All ARM reports will be listed.

Archiving ARM Files

As daily, monthly and yearly processes are performed, ARM reports under each button will increase. For organization and easier retrieval SSI recommends archiving. ARM reports are archived by year and use the PHYSICAL MM/DD/YYYY the report was archived. Refer to SSI’s On-Line Help for instructions on Archiving ARM Files. Instructions for archiving the prior year can also be found on SSI’s Year-End checklist. 

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