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Well Group Import

Well Group Import

April 21, 2021

Well Group Import

Quick and easy way to get well groups updated for well reporting

What are Well Groups?

An invaluable way to filter and classify well information. What's important to you? Area? Operator? Pumper?

  • Totally customizable and defined by your company’s needs
  • All SSI well reports have the option to filter by the Well Groups you set
  • Simple to add and SSI has tools that can help
How Do I Import Well Groups?

An easy to use import template (with instructions!) can be found by selecting Excel from the menu toolbar.  Select Start-Up Import Templates and WM02 Groups Template

But there’s more! Clean up existing Well Groups using WM02 – Well Maintenance | Imports | Group Import/Export to export existing Well Groups.  Then edit and import. We’ve covered it all!

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