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Making Document Images Sticky

Making Document Images Sticky

October 3, 2022

Making Document Images Sticky

Stay Rover!! Stay!!!

Document Imaging - when you have 2 (or more) monitors, how do you make an image stick to your preferred monitor?

Although SSI's Document Imaging is IN NO WAY a dog, we need to teach images to STAY where they're put just like we would for Rover. Never fear, it's going to be much, much easier to teach Document Images to stay than to teach Rover to stay.

Document Imaging in SSI is designed to work great on dual (multiple) monitors. One monitor can show the document, another for the SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software entry screen (like AP03, AR03, GL03 transaction entry, as well as any other SSI application to which document images are applicable to be attached).

BUT!!! If you've been struggling with getting your Document Images to stay where you put them, here's how to make those images STAY PUT!

It's a quick trick to getting the images to go to, and STAY on, the monitor or location that you want.

STAY IMAGE! STAY!! Follow these step-by-step instructions:

You'll find a Document Retrieval button on all programs where images are applicable.

document retrieval

Click on the Document Retrieval button, select your basket and so forth as you normally do. When your image appears, click and drag to where you want, and re-size it how you want if need be.

Hint - to re-size the image, click in any corner and drag out or in.

Here's the most important part. When you get it where and how big you want, EXIT through the GREEN DOOR. Do NOT exit any other way. Do NOT use the X (or anything else) to exit the document image except the GREEN DOOR.

Re-open an image in the Document Retrieval basket and voila!! The image is where you placed it and retains the sizing you set.

Some other FUN FACTS about the Document Retrieval basket dialog screen:

accounts payable workflow

  • Skip - pass on this image and go to the next image in the basket.
  • Focus - bring the image to the front of the screen. If you've got other applications (Word, Excel, etc.) in front of the image, Focus the image to the fore-front of your monitor.
  • Remove - delete the displayed image from your basket. Like for boo-boos, if you scanned a blank page or something and you just want to get rid of it.
  • Restart Basket - becomes available and applicable if you Skip images. Restart Basket goes back to display the first SKIPPED IMAGE occurrence in your basket and will display images still in the basket go forward from that first skipped image.

No matter how you slice it, Document Imaging will save COUNTLESS hours of time, energy and money.

  • No more filing cabinets and file folders, saving your employees hours of filing time and saving money on file space and filing supplies.
  • No more time spent in a dusty, dingy, crowded back room, filing documents or finding those filed documents.

Images are forever archived in the SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software, and are easily retrieved at a moment's notice with just a few simple mouse-clicks.

Interested in all of the benefits of SSI's Document Imaging product? Call us! It's easy to set up and easy to use!

SSI - making YOUR job EASIER!

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