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Training Books

Training Books

April 16, 2021

Training Books!

Under the heading of…DID YOU KNOW?? We have TRAINING BOOKS!

Training Books were originally designed as companion documentation for training sessions with new clients or training new employees at current clients. But we think our Training Books are invaluable for guiding you through - or maybe refreshing your memory - on the how-tos and processes in SSI. So, we have this documentation available for the benefit of all our users.

Training Books can be accessed with a right click on the menu section heading. If a Training Book is available – it will be an option on the expand list.    

Training Books are topical by button and detailed to help answer questions and give you the steps need to make YOUR job EZier! 

But, what is a menu section heading?

Any of the headings within the SSI menu.  In the example below of the Accounts Payable menu, the menu section headings are:

  • Vendor
  • Transaction Entry
  • 3rd Party Pre-Import
  • Reports
  • Change/Copy Vendors
  • Month-End
  • New Company
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