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Sticky List (Lookup) Boxes

Sticky List (Lookup) Boxes

July 1, 2021

Like a big wad of chewing gum – STICKY!

Have you ever wished you could move a list box column and have it stay there? Well, you can and it does!

Due simply to screen sizing,  there is generally more information in the yellow and white list boxes than you can initially see on the screen. Of course, you always have your bottom slide bar to move left or right.

But did you know? You can move columns around according to your own specific preference – and those columns will STAY where you move them?  If there is a column that isn’t as important to you, move it to the end! All it takes is a simple click and drag. Then the next time you access the list box, the columns will be in the exact same order that you set. STICKY.

One really good use is when you’re in WM03 doing a DOI lookup. You want to see the AFE balances, but they’re at the end of the columns? Rather than using the bottom scroll bar just move them over so that those columns appear when you initially do the lookup.  

The sticky columns are desktop specific; so, yours can be different from your neighbor’s depending on what’s more useful in relation to your job.

Sticky columns – just one more way SSI makes your job EZier!!


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