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SSI Technical Help

SSI Technical Help

August 17, 2021

Help out your IT provider!

Under the heading of “Did you know?”…SSI has provided you with some really good documentation pieces for technical instructions and questions related to SSI.

Ok. Where is it? Easy to find. From your main SSI screen simply click the Help tab from the menu ribbon at the top of the screen. Select Technical Help (second one down) from the dropdown.

We’ve got 13 amazing topics for your reading pleasure. Answers to everything you ever wanted to know - from desktop set up or name change, to backup recommendations, to migration to a new server, to name just a few.

Special mention!!

Avoid user down time and HelpDesk calls.

Checkout document #3 - how to set up and transfer SSI to a new desktop,

and document #4 - removing SSI from a desktop. 

Instructions are easy and precise, and might also save you some time and money with your IT provider. 

SSI even makes your IT’s job EZier!

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