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Test Environment

Test Environment

August 31, 2021

Once upon a time…in a galaxy far, far away…

Alternate Environments for Testing!

In this alternate universe, you do you. Yep! No rules.

What’s the advantage of a Test Environment? It’s pretty evident. Especially useful for complicated scenarios to check out how things will reflect on a JIB, strange revenue distribution scenarios, presentation on revenue check detail, general ledger effect and presentation, etc., AP and AR issues that are outside the box. Anything you can do in your live environment you can do in a test environment.

Another great use for a test environment? If you are interested in adding a module, get your feet wet in the test environment. Learn how to use a new module in your test environment, and when you pull the trigger to “go live” you’ll already be a pro!

You can start out with an exact replica of your live company environment – you don’t have to build a test company from scratch. And if the results of your testing are not as anticipated, just restore it back and start over.

It’s easy to flip to an alternate environment and back again. But caution – be sure you’re in your test environment when you’re doing your testing! 

Interested in utilizing the benefits of a test environment? Call us – it’s easy to set up and might even save you some future HelpDesk requests.

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