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Printer Icon vs Yellow Book Icon

Printer Icon vs Yellow Book Icon

April 21, 2021

Printer Icon vs Yellow Book Icon

Many SSI reports have both but what’s the difference?

Both generate reports to SSIView.

SSIView is the program in which all SSI reports are displayed.  

From SSIView, reports can be printed; exported to PDF, Word or Excel; emailed (if SSIMail is owned) and archived (ARM).

Printer icon is straight-forward

Report is generated in SSIView using the options selected.

Review, print, export, email or ARM the report.

Exiting SSIView returns you back to the SSI menu.  

Note: if using the Auto Print option on SSI Toolbar and/or User Preferences, reports are not displayed in SSIView. Reports go directly to the printer.   

Yellow Book icon was designed for convenience on report inquiries and options

Sends the report to SSIView with the options selected. But wait!

The big difference is when exiting SSIView you are returned to the program, with the original selections retained.

From here, it’s quick and easy to make any adjustments on your selections and simply generate the report again to SSIView.

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