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Editing Accounts Payable Transactions

Editing Accounts Payable Transactions

April 21, 2021

Editing Accounts Payable Transactions

Did you know you have the ability to edit AP03 – Accounts Payables Transaction Entry?

If the invoice has not yet been paid, here are all the things you can edit:
  • Check Description
  • More Description
  • Receipt date
  • Invoice date
  • Due date
  • Add/remove a discount percent or dollar amount
  • Change division 
  • Change 1099 type
  • Change Hold/Payable status and Hold Reason
  • Create PlayBack
  • Document Retrieval
Here’s how:

In AP03 – Transaction Entry select Invoice and/or Credit Memo just like normal when entering an Accounts Payable invoice. Accounting Period doesn’t matter.

Enter the Vendor for the invoice being edited.

Select (or enter) the unpaid Invoice Reference number to be edited.

Fun Fact…remember the gray file cabinet icon (aka Inquiry/Edit Vendor Transactions) next to the vendor number can be used to lookup an invoice.

Duplicate Invoice On File will display, along with informational Gross, Discount and Net amounts.

Green Check (continue) to change selected transaction.

AP invoice dialog screen is presented like a normal invoice. Grayed out fields cannot be changed. Any open fields (as listed above) can be edited.

More description - don’t forget about it! More provides tons of optional free form description (20 lines/1200 characters!) and can also be added or edited on existing Accounts Payables invoices!

Another bonus - Print Descriptions On Check (lower left corner).

See example below of how the Check Description and the More description appear on the check stub/voucher.

More Helpful Hints:

Document # and Paperclip icon – can be used to review a currently attached document while in the AP “edit” mode.

Distribution screen transactions can be reviewed but not edited.

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