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Email a Bulletin with Bulk Email

Email a Bulletin with Bulk Email

April 21, 2021

Email a Bulletin

Are you using SSIMail? SSIMail is one of the most efficient modules in the SSI library. The savings are countless. Not only saves paper but also huge savings on postage, along with equipment and labor to fold and stuff.

We are now living in an email world. Granted, you may not get 100% participation from your vendors, investors, royalty and override royalty owners. But even with just a 50% participation, think of the savings!

And with SSIMail, you can email anything.

Here’s a neat tip for all of those who are using SSIMail. 

When you access SSIMail | Mail Processes from your toolbar at the top of the SSI screen, the default dialog screen that displays is the SSIMail Outbox.

Take another look at the Outbox screen. See the yellow section labeled Bulletin Recipients? Know what that’s for?

When emails are generated (standard processing for JIBs, Revenue check vouchers, etc.) SSI lists the email recipients not only in the Email Recipients section, but the same recipients also appear in the Bulletin Recipients section.

Prior to sending to the Email Recipients (the standard emails to those receiving the JIBs, Revenue Check Vouchers, etc.), any kind of notice can be sent to the recipients listed in Bulletin Recipients.

Each email recipient is pre-selected to send a bulletin, but you can pick and choose from the Bulletin Recipients list. This is a great way to let recipients know about things like address changes, operator name changes, all kinds of information that might need to go to your investor group, or to your revenue check recipients, etc.

Click the Transmit Bulletin (the envelope & world) icon.

The Bulletin Email dialog screen includes a free form Subject line (required), Message area (optional) just like in a standard email, and an optional Attachments section. Select the Paperclip icon to attach a document.

Write a document, letter or notice in Word (or Excel, etc.) and save as you normally would. The paperclip icon works like browser. Find and attach your Word document as a bulletin. The path for your attachment appears in the attachments section. You can even attach multiple documents!

GreenCheck to continue. Your email bulletin will immediately be sent to the Bulletin Recipients.

Important! Be sure you send bulletins before sending normal email reports (JIBs, check vouchers, Land Billings, etc.)

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