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COPAS Overhead Changes

COPAS Overhead Changes

February 18, 2022

How are you handling your monthly overhead charges? Are you using SSI’s JB01 -Recurring Charges Maintenance product for your billable well overhead charges?

TheJB01 – Recurring Charges handles (among other things) not only your recurring overhead per well but also any owner level credits (aka journal code 65entries) to the overhead rates being billed. For example – if you’ve got an agreement with some owner to not bill for overhead or to discount the overhead– those owner level credits can be included in your recurring charges so you a)don’t have to remember to book the credits every month and b) auto make the owner level journal entries right along with the other overhead charges. No manual entry required!

Get to the good stuff. Here’s a perfect example of how SSI can save you time on COPAS overhead rate increases/decreases. If you’re using the JB01 – Recurring Charges for your overhead, did you know those existing overhead charges can be automatically increased or decreased by a percentage or by dollar amount?

Here’s how. In JB01 – Recurring Charges, select your Overhead Group and green check to continue. On the entry screen select the Global Mass Changes tab on the top menu ribbon, and Global Dollar Changes By Group/Journal from the dropdown menu.

  • Fixed Amount – assigns a new dollar amount on all wells to the same overhead rate. Replaces any current overhead charge dollar amounts with the dollar amount entered here.
  • Add/Subtract (-) Amount – increase/decrease all wells by the same amount. Enter a straight dollar amount (debit) to increase current overhead by a dollar amount. Enter a negative dollar amount to decrease the current overhead rate.
  • Multiply By Percentage – increase/decrease current overhead by a percentage. To increase the overhead by 2% enter 102.0. To decrease the overhead by 2% enter 98.00.

FYI- the JB01 – Recurring Charge documentation also contains good instructions for setting up recurring charges as well as increasing/decreasing existing charges.        

And!! Also under the heading of “did you know”?? Recurring charges can be imported into SSI from an Excel template. We already have a template ready and waiting for you. Check under the Excel tab on your main menu ribbon (top of your screen) and Start-Up Import Templates. Look for JB01I Template from our vast list of imports, all designed to make your job EZier!

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