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Historical Activity

Historical Activity

April 21, 2021

Historical Activity

The what, when, where and how for each SSI user and SSI button

A single click on Historical Activity from the main SSI menu screen makes it so EZ to review activity, by user or for all users or by button.

The Historical Activity dialog screen is separated into 2 parts: 

  • The upper half displays Desktop Information - all users currently active in SSI, along with current company and current application (screen) utilization. Select All Users or All Companies to see a complete list of users.
  • The bottom half shows the Historical Activity - a log for each user of completed processes, with desktop name/number and date and time stamp. Includes auxiliary desktops too! 

This is the perfect tool for checking and verifying completed processes. A Comments area is available to display notices for disruptions in processes. A multitude of search filters are available:  button, date range, user, company, etc. Especially helpful for all those little interruptions during month-end processing, check the Historical Activity log to verify completed steps.

A quick review of the Historical Activity now avoids potential problems later!

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