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Import Template

Import Template

June 2, 2021

Let’s talk IMPORTS!

Imports are one of the most beneficial ways to save time and make your job EZier! You don’t have to be an Excel guru – we have EZ to use Excel templates (with instructions!) for Accounts Payables transactions, Revenue transactions, General Ledger journal entry transactions, etc.

SSI’s Excel Import Templates can be found on the top menu ribbon of your main SSI screen. Look for the Excel tab and from the drop down you will see Start-Up Import Templates. That’s your “go-to” for the whole list of available import templates.

Today we’re talking about transaction templates. Here’s a list of the Excel transaction templates and some examples of how these import templates can make your job EZier!

  • AP03I     – Accounts Payables Transaction Import

One of the most utilized SSI imports. Can be used for Accounts Payables invoices/credit memos and for office checks. Especially great for non-op JIB invoices on the same wells every month. Fill out the template and import – then save the template and edit dollar amounts/wells as needed for the next month’s JIB.

  • RP03I     – Revenue Purchaser Receipts Transaction Import

Another much utilized transaction template in the SSI library. Let’s face it – revenue can be tedious to enter. It’s the nature of the beast. All manner of sorting, sub-totaling, etc. can be done in the Excel template to check your work and verify accuracy before it’s imported. Save an existing template by purchaser and just change what’s necessary for next month’s check.

  • RP03MI     – Revenue Meter Allocations Import is available to import meter allocation volumes. Use     RP03M – Import - Well Volumes to import the meter volumes.

If you can get Accounts Payables invoices or revenue check detail in a digitized format – even better! Cut/paste into an SSI Import template. Investing with other SSI clients? Try SSI Share! Your data comes to you already digitized and already formatted for importing.

  • GL03I     – General Ledger Transaction Import

Use it for journal entries to well/category, general ledger accounts or a combo. Can also be used for Journal Code 65 - Selective Owner Charge/Credit. Make a separate import spreadsheet for JC 65 transactions.

  • JB01I     – Recurring Charges Transaction Import

The perfect answer for changes to well/category overhead charges. Easily update the recurring charges for new wells being added or plugged/sold wells that should be removed.  

  • AR03I     – Accounts Receivables Import for Invoices and/or Credit Memos

Great for miscellaneous non-JIB invoices or credits being booked to Accounts Receivables.

Note – Accounts Receivables payments and adjustments cannot be imported. Use standard AR03 for payments/adjustments.    

Other great transaction imports:

  • WM09I     – Well Obligations Transaction Import

Integrated with Accounts Payables for payment of well obligation and updates to AP05 - Vendor history. 

  • OE03I     – Order Entry Transaction Import

For the Order Entry/Service oriented companies. Works in addition or in place of OE03 Order Entry invoicing.

SSI recommendation when using Import templates - start by doing a “save as” on the Start-up Import template and key your data into the saved template. Name it anything you want. Doing this will keep the templates in the SSI Startup Import Template file pristine, and you’ll always have a clean “out of the box” template if needed. 


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