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February 15, 2023


Imagine it! Your own little mini-billboard, splashed with your company's logo!

Did you know? You can add any kind of watermark to any kind of SSI report. Add your company logo as a watermark to financials for the bank, to your Joint Interest Billing, to your SSIMICR checks, Revenue Vouchers, Accounts Payables vouchers, 1099s, or any other SSI report that you so choose!!

report with smiley face watermark

It's great because it personalizes reporting emails sent out to recipients. It's on an as needed/if needed basis ‐ so if you'd like a watermark on only the SSIMICR checks, JIBs and Revenue vouchers, those are the ones you set up. It's all up to YOU.

Some highlights:

  • Watermark appears when reports are converted to a PDF format (such as Adobe).
  • SSIMail is inclusive of watermark. Any report emailed to a client using SSIMail will include your watermark.
  • Customizable size, location and design of watermark for each report. Up to 300 different reports per company, each with a unique watermark can be added. WOW!
  • Set up is quick and easy, and is easy to review and approve watermark.

SSI recommendation on watermarks ‐ image should be in a PDF format, BMP also works in most instances. TIFF is not recommended, and in most cases will not achieve acceptable results.

The watermark is easy to set up in SSI. It's all done in ADM21 ‐ Company Watermark Print Setup.

  1. Watermark/Logos must be saved in XX:/SSIF/LOGOS directory (XX represents drive letter). Other requirements as to naming the watermark/logo file? No special characters or embedded spaces. A dash is acceptable.

  2. ADM21 ‐ Set up process:
    Button ‐ Type the button name for the report to add a watermark. Button name must be entered using capital letters and must exactly match the button name on the SSI menu. Example ‐ for a watermark on the Joint Interest Billing, enter JB12. You can have one watermark per button per company. Each company can have its own exclusive, unique and specific watermark.
    JPG file ‐ Message will appear notifying you that all watermarks/logos must reside in the XX:/SSIF/LOGOS directory (step 1 above). The selected watermark file name will auto-fill into the JPG file field.
    Top Margin/Left Margin/Height/Width ‐ Sizing/spacing/centering of watermark is best achieved with trial and error. Enter numbers to customize size and location of watermark on report.
    For Top Margin/Left Margin ‐ smaller numbers move watermark closer to top or left. Bigger numbers go down and to the right.
    For Height/Width ‐ smaller numbers decrease the size of the watermark. Width and height are used in tandem to adjust watermark size. The proportion of the watermark will remain the same.
    Adjusting size will adjust location. Measurements are based from the center of watermark.

  3. As a beginning point of reference, start the left margin at 7, TOP margin at 140, height at 60 and width at 1200. Consider the size of the original picture, enlarging may encounter some blurring due to larger pixelation.
    Help Row/Col/Height/Width button ‐ handy-dandy generic mathematical guideline chart to assist with spacing and sizing of watermarks on PDF report. Margin and size values are dependent on file size and can vary greatly.

  4. Copy From/To columns ‐ For review and placement editing.
    Copy From ‐ auto-populate watermark and sizing/location values into Test and or Copy Line (bottom of screen) so it can be reviewed. Placement and sizing fields can be edited in Test and or Copy Line.
    Copy To ‐ copy the watermark file from Test and or Copy Line to a new line. Select Copy From for the line/file to be copied, then select an empty button field row. Enter button name in button field. Select Copy To to auto-populate watermark and placement.
    Print Logo Test ‐ display sample report (copied above) in SSI View inclusive of selected watermark. Placement and size values can be edited in the Test and or Copy Line and viewed in Print Logo Test until acceptable.

  5. When exiting: - Continue with updating Logos?
    No ‐ stays in screen for additional editing
    Yes ‐ updates current screen and returns to menu.

  6. Generate any report that contains the watermark. The watermark will not appear in the SSI View. From SSI View select the PDF icon. The watermark should appear in the PDF and can be emailed inclusive of watermark using standard PDF email procedures. watermark will also appear in reports emailed via SSIMail.

Isn't that COOL!!

Delete column ‐ this is your easy “overs” option. On selected row, removes button and watermark from ADM21 screen and corresponding PDF report.

Troubleshooting ‐

  • Button does not exist ‐ typo or mis-spelled button name in the ADM21.
  • File name not found ‐ either mis-spelled or filename not in correct location.
    Use look-up ‐ SSIF/LOGOS to find saved watermarks (from step 1)
  • CNo special characters or embedded spaces are allowed in Logo file name (dashes are ok)

Go ahead!! Have fun with watermarks! If you can get a picture in the JPG format, you can include it as a watermark on any and all SSI reporting.

With SSI you can have your company's name IN LIGHTS!!!

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