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Postage Increase

Postage Increase

December 15, 2022

Postage Increase

Be ye warned!!! Public service announcement right here at the holidays. The cost to mail a letter is going up…again.

Remember when you could mail a letter for a quarter? Well, those days are long gone. Starting January 22, 2023 the cost to mail a first class standard letter is increasing 3 cents per piece. You'll have to set your postage meter to accommodate the increase.

Cha-ching, cha-ching

Either way you go, your costs to mail JIBs and Revenue checks, Accounts Payables vendor checks, etc. just took a hit. Can you afford it?

Well, your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software can help.

Enter…SSIMail. Yes, it's a shameless plug for SSI's greatest technology product but don't poo-poo the idea quite yet. The fact of the matter is that SSI Mail REALLY DOES save lots of money, not to mention time, on JIB and Revenue Distribution processing, among other things, with just a few clicks.

Time is money. Think of the time saved from not having to print, sort, fold, stuff and seal the Joint Interest Billing. Collating the revenue checks and check vouchers into the packet adds additional time. Then with the cost of postage (and of course most of the time the postage per envelope is going to be greater than the first class rate due to weight) and you've just cut way into your profit for the year.

You've got an email provider/domain. Why not glom onto what you've already got? Add the SSI Mail product and you can cut costs in no time. The cost for the SSI Mail product is well worth the money, and you'll quickly see the results on your bottom line.

We've got a handy little program you can run to evaluate the savings you'll recover. In your EXPERT box (upper right on main SSI home page) type SAVINGS. Follow the prompts and you'll get a good estimate of what you'll save.

And OH! With the EFT (which is already a part of your standard SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software library of products) you can EFT the payments to owners and vendors AND email the backup. Fewer checks to write (saving on check stock), and EFT files are encrypted to ensure security on both sides.

SSI Mail is easy to set up. You can send a form letter to your owners and vendors requesting an email address. Then add the email addresses to the owner/vendor master files. The next time your run JIB you can EMAIL it instead of printing, folding, stuffing, licking and stamping. And for Revenue Distribution, tandem EFTs with the Revenue check vouchers ‐ also easy to set up ‐ for a quick and painless process start to finish.

And OH!!! SSI mail can be used for so much more than just JIBs, Revenue Vouchers and AP Vendor vouchers. ANY kind of report can be emailed to ANYONE…ANY TIME with just a few clicks. Talking to a vendor, Royalty Owner or Working Interest partner? Email the backup for all of their inquiries or archived statements, it's a piece of cake!!

Here is a short list (short??) of emailable buttons in SSI. See a pattern here?

DO01 GB06
PO12 RP28

And with SSI's Document Imaging product you can attach and email the actual source document. But that's a story for another day.

You really just can't go wrong! If you'd like to know more about the cost for adding SSI Mail, contact us! Your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software technology products can help!

SSI Mail along with EFTs ‐ another way that you can cut costs and time and make your job EZier!

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