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Right Click Options in SSI View

Right Click Options in SSI View

November 15, 2022

Right Click Options in SSI View

Never have I ever…

Done a right click in the SSI View? In addition to the many useful icons available in the top menu ribbon on the SSI View in your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software, we're betting there are a few other helpful features you might not know about.

Go ahead! Try it! Run a report, any report, to SSI View. When the report appears in the SSI View…did you know??

You can…

  • Highlight selected text (click and drag)
  • Right click anywhere in the body of the report
  • Copy the selected (highlighted) text to Word, PDF or Clipboard.
  • Print Current Page (to your SSI default printer)
  • Print Selected Text (also to your SSI default printer)

If Word or PDF is selected, the application will auto-open with the highlighted text already there. Swoosh! Fast and EZ!

Worth honorable mention…what if you want to email the selected text to a recipient?

  • Click and drag to highlight the text
  • Right click and select Copy Selected Text to Clipboard.
  • Start an email to your recipient. Right click in the body of the email and paste. The selected text will copy over to the email.

This is especially handy for sending an excerpt or bottom line from a report to management for information or review.

While we're on the subject, let's do a quick little review on the icons available in menu ribbon at the top of SSI View. And remember, there are tooltips available when hovering on the icons.

From left to right:

  • Printer with green check ‐ like quick print.
    Prints to your SSI default printer and exit.
  • Adobe/Word/Excel icons ‐ send report to application selected.
    Some formatting might be required for Word/Excel.
  • Email Report ‐ if using SSIMail. It's like having your own little SSI address book.
    And document images can be attached for what is being sent in the viewer!
  • ARM report (the yellow folder) ‐ in case you want to ARM the report you're seeing for later use. ARMs under the button used to generate the report.
  • Printer ‐ different from the one above in that it allows selection of a printer, with page options, selected text, etc. Bonus! A handy little quick short-cut to PDF and Word.
  • Search Engine box and binoculars ‐ enter a word, number, etc., and click the binoculars (or enter) to find every occurrence in the viewer report.
  • Beginning/end report (bar and arrows ‐ used to be called VCR buttons!! Ha!)
  • Page forward/back (arrows ‐ more VCR buttons) - move up or down a page at a time.
  • Find a page box ‐ enter a page number and jump to that page.
  • Magnifying glasses ‐ zoom in or out. Very helpful!
  • Mark Text begin/end and Copy Selected Text ‐ click in viewer text to start marking and click Begin Marked Page, then click to mark the end of the text and click Mark End of Text Selection. The text within the mark start/end is highlighted. Click Copy Selected Text and paste into Word, Excel, Email.
  • View Image ‐ icon with paperclip. Click on an image within the document, then
    View Image and voila! The image appears. Can also double click on the image within the viewer.
  • Yellow Arrows ‐ move forward to next image or back to previous image.
  • Workflow ‐ cogs/wheel icon. Used with SSI's Accounts Payables Workflow. Sends a routing report for review and processing. Contact SSI for more info about Accounts Payable Workflow.
  • Exit Viewer ‐ the door. Get me outa here!

You may not even know what a VCR is, but you can still get good information on icons and navigation in the SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software On-line Help. Click the Help tab from the main SSI menu ribbon at the top of the screen. From the dropdown list select SSI Help (or F1 command key) and you're right where you need to be.

SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software has all the tools and services needed to do your job FASTER and make YOUR job EZier!

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