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Revenue DOI Pay Code Changes

Revenue DOI Pay Code Changes

September 15, 2022

Revenue DOI Pay Code Changes

How to make Revenue Pay Code changes in your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software. Seems pretty elementary but here's something you might not know, and is sure to make YOUR job EASIER.

SSI has so many utilities and short-cuts that can help cut down on time and effort. This one is a no-brainer - SSI's utility in WM03 to change owner pay codes.

Where is it and what does it do?

WM03 - DOI Maintenance - Utilities/Copy DOIs on the menu ribbon at the top of the dialog screen. From the drop-down list, SSI has a number of cool utilities to help make YOUR job EASIER.

Assign Owner Pay Status. For today's lesson - select Assign Owner Pay Status from the drop-down list (second one down from the top).

What it does. Simply put, changes the Pay Code in the DOI for an owner. One well, a range of wells or all wells. If the owner is in the well DOI, the pay code can be updated.

A perfect example: if an owner is flagged as Suspended in the DOI (like Waiting On Division Orders) - this utility can be used to change the Pay Status from Waiting On Division Orders to Pay status 3 - Payable.

But! The utility is really so much more. Check out the screen…there are numerous options and filters available. Sure, the ACTIVE and TITLE DOIs will be changed to the new pay code. What about assignments and archived DOIs? That's in the mix as well. Only Oil? Gas only? Multiple interest types - just WI, RI, ORRI, or All?

You get the idea.


  • Current Pay Code - not required. Leave blank to change ALL pay codes, regardless. If only the Waiting on Division Orders pay code should get changed, put that one in there.
  • New pay code - required. Code 3 to Pay (or whatever the new pay/suspense code should be).

If you'll notice, on the same screen, there's also an option to Change Unpaid Revenue Entries Also (lower left of screen). Some special love is going to be given to this option.

We're going to discuss this option and how it relates to RP06 - Owner level revenue. That is, owner level revenue in suspense for some reason.

We'll start with a setting in:

  • WM02 - Well Maintenance. Select the Company tab and Maintenance from the dropdown. Enter your password. Click the Revenue button at the bottom of the screen.

Post PayCode Changes Unpaid RP (left side middle of screen). How is yours set? If Yes or Optional, we can move on.

Moving on. After checking the setting discussed above in the Company Maintenance record - now back to

  • WM03 - DOI Maintenance | Utilities/Copy DOIs - Assign Owner Pay Status - Change Unpaid Revenue Entries Also (lower left). IF!! WM02 Company Maintenance (above) is set to Yes or Optional, the WM03 utility option - Change Unpaid Revenue Entries Also - to change pay code on unpaid revenue entries is applicable, and owner level revenue in RP06 can be changed at the same time. You'll be changing not only the pay code on the DOIs but ALSO changing the pay code in RP06 on any applicable revenue waiting to be paid!

Using the same perfect example of Waiting on Division Orders, some pending revenue might be in RP06 waiting to be paid for the owner - flagged as suspended due to Waiting on Division Orders. Rather than having to change the DOI to payable and also transfer any pending revenue as a separate function (waste of time), why not do it ALL at the SAME TIME?!!

Proviso - if your Management Team has made the decision in WM02 - Company Maintenance to NOT allow revenue to be changed when making a pay code change, don't click the option, it won't work. The Revenue Distribution department is in charge of its own destiny. Be sure the Division Orders department and Revenue Distribution department are on speaking terms as to making pay code changes on the Revenue Distribution side. Division Orders can't forget to notify Revenue Distribution to check and make any necessary pay code change.

Finally - to complete the process for this utility, make a comment. The comment is internal only. Make some kind of notation that is indicative of what's being done. Effective date, etc. It's all free form and is just for your company's info.

And…we're done. The DOIs - and possibly revenue - for the owner have been changed. Fast and easy.

Again, SSI's mantra - save time and effort, and let SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software make YOUR job EASIER.

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