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Resetting a User Password

Resetting a User Password

June 30, 2022

How to reset a User Password in your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software

This happens a lot if you're using the Remember Login feature in the Preferences. It's all good until someone gets a new computer. When SSI is re-installed on the new computer, the Username and Password gets cleared and must be re-entered. However, unless it's been written on a Post-it note and stuck to the desktop, the user has long since forgotten his/her password and then uh-oh! Can't get into SSI.

It can also happen if someone else types Login in the Expert box and uses SSI on your computer with their username and password. The Login command will clear out the “remembered” username and password. If you don't know/remember your password, you're in trouble.

We have a plan for that. Basically, the plan is to delete the user and then re-add with a new password.

Here's how:

System Administrator ‐

  1. Go into ADM01 ‐ Passwords/Security
  2. Choose the User Maintenance tab at the top of the dialog screen.
  3. Select User Add/Delete from the drop-down list.
  4. Get a safety net. Add a new user ‐ BACKUP.
    Select User Maintenance tab (top of screen) and User Add/Delete from dropdown. Enter BACKUP in User Name field ‐ then Add User ‐ Yes. Use BACKUP also as the password. Save record.
  5. Still in same screen ‐ select Copy User tab from menu bar at the top of the screen. From the drop down select Copy User Security to New User. Enter/select the User To Copy From ‐ that's the one who forgot his password. User to Copy To is your BACKUP user. This will copy all of the security to the BACKUP user. Now you've got your safety net.
  6. Back to the User Maintenance tab at the top of the screen and User Add/Delete from the drop down. Select/enter the user who forgot his password.
  7. Hit the red X (lower right corner) to Delete This User ‐ YES.
  8. Delete All User's Buttons ‐ select NO - a RESOUNDING NO!!!
  9. Are You Sure You Wish To Delete This User ‐ YES
  10. OK ‐ now add the user right back with his/her same User Name ‐ but with a new password (just follow the same instructions like we did in step 4 when we added the BACKUP username and password). You must use the same username as the user originally had. That's so the button access/security for the user syncs back up to his name (because you said NO in step 6). It's magic!

Have the user log in with his username and NEW password and he/she should have the exact same access and security to programs as before.

Once you've got the user added back and all is right with the world, you can go delete the BACKUP user name.

But HEY!! Hold the phone! What about this Remember Login thing anyhow? Didn't even know that existed! What is that? Good question ‐ and we will answer that.

Remember Login allows you to skip the Login dialog screen when firing up SSI every time. It remembers your username and password on YOUR desktop so you don't have to enter it every time you access SSI.

It's a corporate/global setting. So your System Administrator is responsible for allowing/not allowing the use of the Remember Login feature on your version of SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software. But if SSI is set to allow the feature, all you have to do is login once with your username and password, then go to the Preferences tab at the top of the main SSI screen. Select User Preferences from the drop-down menu. Under Other Misc (left side in the middle) see Remember Login? Click it and SAVE. Exit SSI and the next time you access your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software it will bypass the login dialog screen. Your desktop still knows it's you ‐ still puts your username on printed reporting, etc. Everything else remains exactly the same.

And under the heading of…Preferences! Take a look at the other features in that User Preferences dialog screen! There are other neat features that can help make YOUR job EASIER.

Example: Select Company for Startup. If you have multiple companies and you work mostly in company 05 ‐ set your preferences to start you off in company 05! You can still switch to other companies as/if needed, but you'll always initially start-up in the company you've selected for Startup.

By the way, we are always looking for new ways to enhance the SSI product, and all with our clients' wants and needs in mind. If you have a suggestion how we can help ‐ fill out a Making Your Job Easier request form (see the tab at the top of the main SSI menu). We review every single one and try our best to accommodate your needs.

SSI ‐ dedicated to making YOUR job EASIER!

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