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Renumber a Well

Renumber a Well

August 15, 2022

Renumber a Well

It's true, after years of being on SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software, with a variety of users adding new wells here and there, well numbering may have gotten a little wonky. Although SSI does have a variety of ways to accommodate for wonky well numbering (like if you want to consolidate wells for well history reporting for example) sometimes do you just think ‐ “this well number is totally out of order with the other wells in the area”, or “I wish all the wells in this (group, area, etc.), were numbered consecutively”? How in the world can the Well History, current General Ledger and General Ledger History, Accounts Payables history, Accounts Receivables history, Revenue History, etc., all get switched over to a new well number that falls within the well number range that I want? That'd be a monumental job.

Good question ‐ and it's not monumental, it's EZ! SSI has a tried-and-true application to renumber a well and include all the associated cogs to the wheel.

WM05 ‐ Change Well Number
And SSI has thought of everything. Enter the existing well number in “From Well” and the new, unused well number you want in “New Well.” You can actually see right on the screen everything that will transfer. When finished, the old well number is deleted ‐ along with all of its baggage, and the new well number is added with the baggage. Slick.

Be careful though. Not only does WM05 re-number the old well to a totally new, never used well number, it can also be used to re-number an old well to an existing well number. Old well number goes in “From Well.” The existing well number to which it's being combined goes in “New Well.” What does that do? It combines all of the data on the old well to the existing data on the “new” well. An auto-squish.

If copying from one well to another existing well, you'll get a pretty strong warning message on what's about to happen.

Do we need to preach on the importance of backups…again?

If you're squishing two wells into one, when you get past the warning message, a couple of additional options are available over on the upper right side of the screen.

  • DO NOT COPY ANY DOIS ‐ this means to…well…don't copy the DOIs. You want the DOI for the ”New Well” to remain as is. Remember ‐ the new well in this instance is actually an existing will with its own DOI. This says don't change the existing well DOI. Don't copy the “From Well” DOI to the “New Well” DOI.
  • Merge Well Histories ‐ combine the well history for both wells into the “New Well”.

Who loves Excel? SSI has a template for WM05! Notice several “grayed out” notations on the WM05 screen ‐ these are strictly for use with the WM05 Import Template and become available when an import template file for WM05 is detected.

The WM05 template is part of SSI's vast library of templates, found under the Excel tab on the SSI main menu ribbon at the top of the screen. From the Excel tab select Startup Import Templates. There's a long list of easy-to-use Import templates (including WM05) that are designed to help make your job easier.

What about a big job? Like a complete overhaul of well numbers? Totally do-able and SSI can help with that. There is some artistry involved if existing well numbers are to be re-used for a different well, which is common with a well number overhaul. Use the WM05 Import template, and SSI will provide the expertise to do the conversion. Tell us in the spreadsheet the old number and new number match-up and we'll take it from there.

And FWIW ‐ Category Codes. If you don't like your well Income/Expense category standards and are into changing stuff, SSI has a conversion process to change category names as well.

Questions? Nervous? Contact our HelpDesk. We're more than happy to answer any questions you have and help you through the process.

SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software is the BEST at making YOUR job EASIER!

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