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Removing Dead Companies

Removing Dead Companies

July 31, 2022

Deleting Obsolete Companies

Under the heading of house-keeping…how long is too long? After how many years can you just be done with those old dead companies? Whatever you decide as your magic number ‐ here's some useful info and a how-to on getting rid of old, no longer used companies from your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software.

But remember, gone means gone. SSI recommends a full SSIF backup before deleting any old, inactive companies.

Yikes! What, exactly, is it that I'm going to be deleting?

Without getting too techy, data files for all companies reside in the SSIF directory, divided by modules/sub-directories (Accounts Receivables ‐ ARF, Accounts Payables ‐ APF, etc.). Actual data files specific to that module are layered within the module sub- directory. Each file within each module sub-directory includes a company number at the end of the file name. You're going to be deleting files within those sub-directories that end with the company number(s) you no longer want/need.

Whew! Of course, if you have any questions on the layout of the SSIF directory files, or anything else for that matter, don't hesitate to contact our HelpDesk. We can help.

But before we start deleting anything, let's do a walk-thru of the options.

From your main SSI menu, select Admin from the ribbon at the top of the screen, Company Maintenance from the drop-down, and enter the password. The dialog sub- screen will show all current, named companies.

Under the Admin tab (top left) on this sub-dialog screen, you've got 2 options:

  • Delete Company
  • Delete Inactive Company

What's the difference??

Delete Company. Are companies showing on your company name list that are old, un-used or never used? This option will delete companies that are named in your company drop-down list ‐ be careful!

Delete Inactive Company. Old companies that are now nameless in the company drop-down list. The nameless are those companies that were maybe created once upon a time, then long since deleted out of the name list, but that's all.

FYI ‐ simply deleting the company name from the list does not auto-delete all files associated with said company. These companies, although now nameless in the drop- down list ‐ may still have data files lingering out in the SSIF directory, doing nothing but hogging space. If the company is nameless in the drop-down list, chances are you haven't searched for info in a loooong, loooong time ‐ if ever! Maybe a new company was created at some point and just never finished, or set one up and started using, then decided to not use it.

Whatever the reason, it's pretty likely you've got some old dead junk companies with useless data taking up space on your server.

Let's start with:

Delete Inactive Company

How to delete the nameless ‐ those dead companies that are not even showing up on your company list.

From the Admin tab at the top of the sub-dialog screen, select Delete Inactive Company from the drop-down list.

You will receive a message (paraphrased) that you are about to delete all inactive companies not shown in the company list, including ARM files, etc. Are you sure you want to delete inactive companies?

Before you say YES, here's where it's a good idea to have that full SSIF backup…just as a safety net. And have a plan. It's best to execute when no one is accessing SSI ‐ like maybe first thing in the morning ‐ after you've gotten a full SSIF backup from the night before. Not an incremental backup, a full SSIF backup. Worst case scenario, you want to quickly and easily be able to get everything back to the night before.

OK ‐ the importance of BACKUPS - rant over.

Say YES, and files in the SSIF directory associated with all unnamed company number(s) will be removed.

Now ‐ about those named dead companies. These are the ones that are still showing up in your company list but aren't being used any more.

Delete Company

The process is similar BUT!!! With a twist.

From the main SSI Menu screen, click the Admin tab and Company Maintenance with password (like we did in the walk-thru above). When the Company Name list appears in the sub-dialog screen ‐ and this is IMPORTANT!! - click on the name of the company to be deleted. Then click the Admin tab at the top, and from the drop-down select Delete Company.

ALSO IMPORTANT!!! You will receive a message ‐ READ THIS MESSAGE!! This is your company number verification to be sure you are deleting the correct company and NOT deleting one of your good, valid companies!!! If it's not the right company number ‐ just say NO.

Do we need another rant on the importance of having a full SSIF backup?

If you've verified the company number is correct and is truly the company to be deleted, click YES.

You'll get one more chance - Last Warning! Re-verify company number and be sure this company is to be deleted ‐ Are You Sure You Want to Delete This Company? Say Yes. It rolls through all files in the SSIF directory ‐ deleting only the files that match the company number you verified. Your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software will take care of the heavy lifting.

When it's done, a message Save Company File Changes? will display. Say YES.

Then kick back and let SSI Roomba its way to a tidy SSIF directory.

When completed, the company name list sub-dialog screen will re-appear and the company name and number for the company you deleted will be gone from the list, along with all associated files within the SSIF directory.

Question - maybe you've got some old companies that you want to keep for historical research purposes but aren't accessing on a regular basis? Maybe you don't want those companies to show up on your standard active company list? Consider moving those companies to another environment ‐ really nothing more than a separate location on your SSIF drive. SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software can help you set up an alternate environment and move specific companies to that alternate environment. Security can be set to allow/don't allow users access to the alternate environment, or to certain companies within the alternate environment. And it's really easy and fast to switch to and from the alternate environment.

Whatever you need, SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software can help provide to make your job easier!

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