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Print Tank

Print Tank

June 16, 2022

Print Tank

Have you heard about one of the greatest and most time-saving inventions ever with your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software for those non-email owners?

It's PRINT TANK and it is GENIUS!
The concept is to be able to generate multiple reports for an owner and print them all in one fell swoop. No collating necessary ‐ SSI does the work for you.
Long story short, for owners not taking the email option for billings, etc., the Print Tank is a central repository for month-end owner-level reporting to be sent. Generate, from a long list of available owner-level reports integrated with the Print Tank (Joint Interest Billing, Land Billing, Accounts Receivables Statement, Revenue voucher, Production report, 1099 Substitute form) into an owner mailing packet. When these reports are generated, send to the print tank (rather than to the printer). Reports are digitally auto-collated by owner number into a single print job that prints by owner. Imagine printing all reports for the owner month-end packet all at once with NO time spent going round and round the conference table collating!!! Imagine the time savings!

It's as easy as running your owner reports (as you normally would) and sending to the Print Tank. When all reports have been generated, click a button.
That button is AR11 –Owner Month-End Print Tank.
And with a multi-tray printer…you can even use a different color paper as a divider sheet to know where one owner packet stops and the next one begins.

Let's talk about labels!! The Print Tank can be set to know what packets are more than XX pages ‐ so those larger packets can be stuffed into a large generic envelope. Just print and slap on a mailing label!
There is really no reason we can think of why the Print Tank would not be one of the best for utilization of time and energy!

We have on-line videos you can watch at any time, with step-by-step instructions telling you everything you will ever need to know on the set-up and options available with the Print Tank.
How to watch...
On the SSI Accounts Receivables menu ‐
Right click ‐
    AR11 ‐ Owner Month-End Print Tank
    Select Help from the drop-down menu

In addition to a nifty list of SSI owner-level reports that interface with the Print Tank, you'll also find links to excellent instructional videos for:

Print Tank Overview
Set-up Print Tank
How to Print using Print Tank/Label Integration
How to Print Mailer Page on Color Paper

Video highlights for the Print Tank include ‐

  • Customizable report order for your owner print packet.
  • Optional address label interface file, customizable for owners with over XX number of pages. Print the address labels for owners that apply, slide the packet into a generic mailer envelope and stick on the label!
  • If utilizing a multi-tray printer, optional mailer page that can be printed on different colored paper so that, when stuffing, you'll know where one owner's packet ends and the next one begins. BRILLIANT!!
  • Interfaced with the AR05 ‐ Owner Portal. All owner reports executed to Print Tank are easily retrievable in AR05 ‐ Owner Portal. With the click of a button see what and when an owner packet was sent.

AR05 ‐ Owner Portal…shameless plug! If you're using SSI to its fullest capacity, there's nothing that can't be retrieved and reviewed at the owner level from the AR05 ‐ Owner Portal. Backup documents for contracts, AR payments made by owner, revenue payments made to owners, JIB invoices, AR statements, Wells, Leases and DOIs…everything!

In addition to what is already genius, here's another little gem. Include a bulletin or letter, etc. to the owners in Print Tank. Anything that can be converted to a PDF can be included in Print Tank. Name or address change for your company? Here's you EZ answer -
Include a PDF to Print Tank.

Write the bulletin in word or something and convert it to a PDF.
Then, in AR11 - Month End Print Tank see the button on the lower right - Attachment Included? Click it - the dialog screen that appears is like a browser. Browse and attach your saved PDF. When printing from Print Tank, each owner packet will include the bulletin.

The Print Tank is such a great innovation in your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software, and such a great time-saver, isn't it?!! Are you using SSI's Print Tank? Because it's so EZ to set up and so EZ to use, if you're running a JIB, Revenue and other owner level reports for mailing packets, there's just no better answer to save time and effort.

One more way SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software makes YOUR job EZier!

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