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Labels, Labels Everywhere

Labels, Labels Everywhere

April 15, 2023


With SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software you can print labels for just about everything. File folder labels for Accounts Payables vendors, Accounts Receivables owners, Wells, Payroll employee labels, mailing labels for monthly JIB/Revenue packets, etc. Everything you could ever want or need in the way of a label.

All of SSI's label printing programs use a standard Avery 5161 ‐ 1” X 4” dimensions, 2- up (across) label. Consistent throughout the SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software, EZ to find and EZ to use.

What you need:
Avery 5161 ‐ 2 up label (1” X 4” dimensions), and a printer.

For today's lesson we will discuss:
AR01L ‐ Owner Labels
AP01L ‐ Vendor Labels
WM02L ‐ Well Labels
PR01L ‐ Employee Labels

Shared Features for AP01L/AR01L:

Start Vendor/End Vendor
Start Owner/End Owner
A range or blank to extract all. But with a few filters to help get exactly what you need.

Vendor Type
Owner Type
Blank for all types. Utilizes the Type classification found from AP01/AR01. The Type is a way to categorize vendors/owners.

Date Last Active MM/DD/YY

Date filter to include only vendors/owners with activity from date entered and forward. This can be really beneficial to get only the more current vendor/owners.

Format Options:
In addition to name line 1 and address lines 1 and 2, choose one (due to limited real estate on labels)
Second Name ‐ default. Second line of name in AP01/AR01.
Number And Tax ID ‐ Vendor/Owner Number and FIN/SS#
Number Only ‐ Vendor/Owner Number
Tax ID Only ‐ FIN/SS# only

When executed, Extracted Labels On File message appears lower right in yellow.

List Labels - an on-screen review of the extracted vendors/owners. Double-check to make sure the vendors/owners extracted are correct.

Clear Labels ‐ for do-overs. This completely clears out the extracted label file.

Clear Label File? ‐ Yes. Whether it's 1 or 201 ‐ all are cleared out and ready for a complete do-over.

Blue Man icon to extract.

Manually Select Single Labels
A short-cut version to print a label for just one owner/vendor. Like if you want to print a file folder label for a new vendor.
Enter the desired single vendor/owner number
End Vendor/Owner field is suppressed.
Extract This Label ‐ Yes
(With the Single Label option, Owner Type/Vendor Type and Date Last Active fields are N/A)

*Filters specific to AR01L ‐ Owner Labels:
Date Last Active MM/DD/YY
A couple additional filter options unique to Date Last Active are available in AR01L - Owner Labels.
By Last Invoiced Date ‐ inclusive of JIB invoices, Land billings, and any other misc. invoices.
By Last RP Date ‐ Revenue Distribution check history issued to owner.

Select one, or both to extract owners with activity from date entered for either or both the invoice date and/or the revenue check date.

Owners with AR Balances Only ‐ drawn from the owner balance in AR05 - Owner Portal.

All Owners
Working Interest
Royalty Interest
Override Interest
Prod Pay Interest
Utilizes the active DOI in WM03 ‐ DOI Maintenance. Under the “or” section, can select one or more (for example - like Working Interest and Override).

*Filters specific to AP01L ‐ Vendor Labels:
Probably the most commonly used program in SSI for printing labels. Vendor labels can be extracted using paid date filters for more recent activity and then attached to file folders for manual filing of paid invoices.

Active Only
In AP01 ‐ Vendor Master a vendor can be flagged as Active or Inactive. Click Active and vendors flagged in the AP01 Vendor Master as Inactive will not be extracted.

Fun Fact - an Inactive vendor still shows AP05 - Vendor History, but invoices cannot be entered to Inactive vendors. Flagging as inactive is preferable to deleting Vendor masters. Invoice/paid history might need to be reviewed, even on an inactive vendor. Flagging as Inactive provides vendor history but new invoices are not allowed.

Label extract and print

Once extracted, you'll be notified as to how many labels were extracted. Also notice “Extracted Labels On File” in yellow. Use List Labels to review extracted labels or Clear Labels to start over.

If OK, click the blue PRINTER icon to move forward to next screen…

Select Start Label Position

Pick your start label placement. What that means? If you've previously used ½ page of labels, you don't want to have to start your next label print job on a whole new page of labels, right? There are 20 labels per page (2 ‐ UP, so 10 on each side). If you've previously used the first 6 labels on the sheet, you can tell SSI to start printing on label # 7 so you won't end up with a bunch of partially used pages and have to figure out how to manually use up all those partial pages of labels!

Such a cool feature!! So clever and so efficient! SSI hates wasted time and wasted resources.

Sort By Zip Code For Bulk Mailing

Hugely convenient if printing labels for a big bulk mailer. Bulk mail must be sorted by zip code…so…SSI accommodates!

List Labels

One final chance to double check your work ‐ no wasted labels here!

Blue Printer icon ‐ will execute to viewer (unless users are set to auto-print everything). Simply load the labels in the printer and print from the viewer.

Beware! Some printers print right side up, some upside down. Make sure you know how to load labels (label down or label up) into the paper tray for YOUR specific printer.

Next up…

WM02L ‐ Well Labels

Similar but with some unique twists ‐

Start/End Well

If the owner entered is in the DOI for the start/end wells above, the well will be extracted. The owner doesn't print on the label but the well label prints if the owner is in the DOI on any well included in the filters.

Well Options ‐ from the Operated Yes/No flag in the WM02 - Well Master.

All Wells
Operated Only
Non-Operated Only

A plug for Well Groups. Everything related to wells in SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software provides the ability to extract by Well Group. Well Groups can be used to categorize wells in many useful ways, to include or exclude, for reporting purposes. If you haven't implemented Well Groups, you're missing out on a huge advantage. Find great info and instruction in SSI's On-Line documentation under WM ‐ Well Groups.

A good example for using Well Groups as a filter for printing labels? How about well labels for all wells that are producing? Or maybe all wells operated by XXX operator? The possibilities are endless.

Manual Well ‐
The pick and choose option. Up to a total of 30 wells, in no particular order.

At this point, printing the labels work the same as for AP01L and AR01L. Same process for starting label placement on a partially used sheet of labels.

Well labels will include well name, well number, State, County, S-T-R/Grid, Operator, Area, State ID

And finally…

PR01L ‐ Payroll Labels

Just as simple and efficient as the other label processes. Employee labels offer filters for:

Employee Pay Type

Pay Cycle
Weekly Employees
Bi-Weekly Employees
Semi-Monthly Employees
Monthly Employees

Terminated Employees

Employee SSN Number

Sort Order

Date (Optional) MM/DD/YY

And includes (of course!) -
Clear Labels
List Labels
Label Placement options


If you're using SSI's Document Imaging, printing labels can become a thing of the past. Scan and attach invoice copies to the AP05 ‐ Vendor History and never again have to do manual paper filing into a file folder with a label. Scan and digitally attach the invoice copies to the vendor historical transactions and anyone/everyone with access to AP05 has the ability to see and review the original invoice, on-screen and with only a mouse-click of effort. No more going to those dusty old file cabinets in the back.

Oh! And what about Vendor Certificates of Insurance?

For that matter, you can scan and attach the ORIGINAL documents of just about anything to corresponding data within SSI. JOAs to Investors and Well Masters, Oil and Gas Leases to Lessors, the original copies of JIBs/Land Billings to working interest investors, Revenue check backup to owners, there's really no end to all the things you can scan, attach and retrieve with nothing more than a mouse-click. Contact SSI for more details!

Say ADIOS! to file cabinets, file folders, labels, and storage costs with SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software.

Look for a future INSIGHTS with round 2 of everything you ever wanted to know about using SSI for labels. There's much, much more! And all designed to make your job EZier!

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