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Joint Interest Billing Sub-Categories

Joint Interest Billing Sub-Categories

October 31, 2022

Joint Interest Billing Sub-Categories

Sub-Categories ‐ what are they and why would you need them?

Good question. Short answer ‐ more categories are available for your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software!

Used up all the category numbers in the 100s, and/or 200s, 300s cats, etc. and still want a more detailed break-down of well costs? Using Sub-Categories is the perfect answer. Sub-Categories will allow that extra detail on the JIB as well as Well History Detail reporting.

SSI's standard 3-digit cost category codes allow 99 category numbers per phase (101- 199, 201 ‐ 299, and so on).

  • Sub-Categories allow a max of 99 additional cost descriptions per category that can reside under a 3-digit category code.
  • Sub-categories are on an as needed basis. Don't do anything on categories that are fine as stand-alone.

Show more detail, or not, to the investor on the JIB for costs incurred, which turns into more detail, or not, to show through internally on Well History Detail reporting for management. Notice a pattern here? SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software lets you have it your way!

What that means?
Sub-Categories can be rolled up or can be presented in detail on JIB. The “roll-up” concept?

Example: let's use category 446- RENTAL OF EQUIPMENT. Using sub-categories can allow RENTAL OF EQUIPMENT be broken down into:

  • 446-01 DOZER
  • 446-02 MUD TRUCK

These categories/sub-categories can then be detailed or simply “rolled up” as category 446- Rental of Equipment, for JIB purposes as well as rolled up or detailed for Well History Detail reporting, depending on what information you want from your detailed report. How about combined on the JIB but more detail internally for Well History Detail? Or vice-versa? Definitely do-able.

For categories that needs Sub-Categories, the set-up is easy.

Here's how:
WM01 ‐ Standards Maintenance ‐ Income/Expense Standards
The WM01 dialog screen that initially appears is right where you need to be.
Enter the 3-digit category code that needs Sub-Categories.
Notice the option in the middle of the screen: Allow Sub-Categories

  • No ‐ do nothing on this category. Works the way it always has. Hits the 3- digit category with your cost and done.
  • AFE ‐ the category and its Sub-Categories must have an AFE budget. In order to hit this cat/sub-cat you need to have the category and its sub- cats budgeted in WM02 ‐ AFE Maintenance. Pretty typical for 100 cats for BCP/Drilling costs, 200 cats for Completion, and 400 cats for Re-Works.
  • Non-AFE ‐ the category and its sub-cats don't need an AFE budget. You can hit the cat/sub-cat any time/anywhere without having it budgeted. Characteristic with (but not limited to) 300 cats for LOE costs.

Select either AFE/Non-AFE to activate the Sub-Categories button at the bottom of the screen. This is where the fun begins ‐ adding the sub-categories.
Once into the Sub-Categories dialogue sub-screen:
Sub-Category codes are 2-digit numeric codes ‐ 01, 02, 03, etc. with a max of 99 sub- category codes per category.
Add your codes and code descriptions.
Ok…listen close on this next part.
Print/Consolidate on JIB
You've got 2 columns with little boxes ‐ an “if/then” choice for each sub-category added.
Print On JIB (the first little box) to individually include detailed sub-category transactions and description for wells. Selecting this always prints the sub-category description on the JIB.
If Print on JIB is NOT selected, any transactions entered to the sub-category will appear on JIB at the 3-digit upper category level (rolled up, no detail at the sub-category level).
IF!!! That little box is selected, THEN! the little box right next to it becomes applicable, and optionally you can:

Consolidate on JIB (the little box in the next column). Combines transactions by the sub-category into a single combined transaction per service month and year for each sub-category, and includes descriptions.

4 transactions have a service month of 06/2022 and 2 transactions have a service month of 07/2022 to a well for sub-category 01. Presentation will be combined into 2 lines ‐ a line of sub-cat description for service month 06/22 and a line for 07/22.

Approver ‐ applicable with Accounts Payable Workflow. Allows specific sub-category costs to be set for approval by specific approvers. To learn more about SSI's Accounts Payables Workflow, contact us!

Up to 99 sub-category codes are available for each 3-digit category code, which is a total of 9,801 potential categories/sub-categories per each billable category phase - (100s ‐ 600s) for a grand total of over 58,000 total categories and sub-categories!
Hope that's enough!

SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software accommodates all your needs!

JB11 ‐ Statement of Joint Operations
This is an all-skate. Presentation is your choice. On the JB11 dialog screen, select Sub- Category Descriptions (right side in the middle of screen) to present a line with the 3- digit category description followed by a line with each sub-category description. Unselected will show only the 3-digit category level description. JB12 ‐ Owner JIB Invoices ‐ because you clicked Print on JIB (on the WM01 discussed above) the sub-category descriptions with cost will…well…print on the JIB! What about Well History Detail reporting? No sweat. Independent of all that stuff you did above for JIB presentation, Well History Detail reporting is on its own. Once the JIB is completed and the WM11 ‐ Well History monthly update is done, Well History Detail reporting can be generated with the sub-category detail, if desired. Simply go to the WHD10/WHD11 Options screen and click Sub-Categories (over on the right side in the middle). That's all there is to it! Any category with a corresponding sub-category will appear as such.

PSA - Category conversion? It's actually a thing! Have you ever wished you could re- organize your categories? Maybe you inherited a category numbering system that's just not working for you. Call SSI - we can help!

Any way you want it, that's the way you need it! And with SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software that's the way you get it!

All to make YOUR JIB EZier!!

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