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Clear Invoices from Accounts Payable That Total Zero

Clear Invoices from Accounts Payable That Total Zero

August 31, 2022

Clear Invoices from Accounts Payable That Total Zero

Cleanup on aisle 3!

SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software has quick and easy answers to keep your product running fast and efficient. This is probably the easiest clean-up ever and can be done without even leaving your desk.

It happens to everyone. Corrections, credit memos and reversals on Accounts Payables invoicing sometimes create in and out “wash” entries to a vendor ‐ multiple entries that total zero dollars due. It junks up your open Accounts Payables list, is a waste of space, and takes up precious time to review all those same zero-dollar net invoices over and over again every time you pay bills. How can you get rid of that junk?

SSI has the easy answer! Process a zero-dollar check to clear the ins and outs.

Here's how:

APC01 ‐ Manual Check. You may have used this before to get a hand-written check entered into SSI. But have you ever used it for clean-up? It's your “go-to” and works perfectly for clearing out those in and out wash entries to a vendor.

The screen presentation is similar to the APC02 ‐ Pay By Vendor/Invoice extract process. However, the good thing about APC01 is that the invoices can be selected for the “zero pay” and the entire process is done in APC01 ‐ no wasted time or energy going through the full check writing process for zero-dollar check(s).

To clear in and out wash entries:

In APC01 ‐ Manual Check - before anything else, this notification will display:

  • The Prior Check Write Will Be Removed - Yes/No
  • Select Yes to continue. This clears out any previous check extracts so that you're only dealing with your zero-dollar checks. You don't want to be extracting and printing any actual checks during this process.


  • Vendor - enter or select from the look-up the vendor number for the vendor needing the clean-up.
  • Starting Reference ‐ tab through to present all open invoices for the vendor. Or, if the vendor has a lot of open invoices, the Starting Reference acts as a search engine. The beginning invoice number can be entered, then tab to find the first occurrence of the invoice entered.
  • Check Number/Check Date. Even though there won't really be a check, a check number and check date are required. For the check number, don't make it a number within your normal check numbering ‐ maybe use the month/day/year‐ example: 053122 and use 05/31/22 for the check date. Keeps things consistent.

The open Accounts Payables invoices for the vendor will appear with a check box beside each one to Pay. Select to pay all the invoices that total up to a zero-dollar amount. At the bottom of the screen SSI will keep track of the amount to pay, and it should, of course, end up being 0.00.

Interesting side-note ‐ see the little HOLD box by each invoice? In APC01 an invoice flagged as “on hold” can be removed from hold! Right there, on the screen, at the same time. So convenient and kills 2 birds if any/all of the ins and outs have previously been placed on hold! Especially helpful to clean up the ins and outs when using the partial pay feature. Keep in mind, however, this is subject to your company's specific security settings on accessing/changing Accounts Payables invoicing.

Click the Blue Man icon to move forward. Look for this message - Pay This Amount This Vendor ‐ Zero. Select Yes.

If you have more than one vendor to clean up ‐ no worries ‐ just keep on truckin'. Enter or select the vendor number for the next one to be cleared out, and proceed the same way. Click to pay the ins and outs. The same message for each vendor ‐ Pay this Amount This Vendor ‐ Zero should be received.

When finished, exit through the door. The screen to select the period for the journal entry will be presented. It's best to select a period that matches the check date just to keep everything consistent. The journal entry will basically be a non-issue ‐ since it will be a wash to the cash account (debit and credit) and to the Accounts Payables control account.

IMPORTANT!!! For obvious reasons, just say NO if it asks to Update Last Check Number With Manual Check #. You don't want to use the same check numbering scheme as we used for the zero dollar check 053122 (above). You don't want the next real check you write to be 053123!

Exit and receive the ARM audit verifying zero-dollar check(s).

The best part? Next time you (and more importantly the BOSS!) go to look at open payables, all that in and out mess will be gone! Clean and concise, with only what is truly owed to vendors ‐ without weeding through needless junk!

Another bonus? The AP05/AP06 - Vendor Inquiry will reflect the check number/check date info and can readily be seen and recognized as to what was accomplished.

Just one more way to keep your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software running lean and mean, fast and efficient, to make YOUR job EASIER!

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