Oil and Gas Accounting Software Overview


Every last bit of information you need is out there, but are you able to get to it when you need it?
It’s no secret that moving parts add complexity to any business, and in the oil and gas industry, your business is nothing but moving parts. Before your operation grew to its current size, your hub of information was just a desk, a phone, and a filing cabinet, and that system was enough.
Today’s oil and gas producers face technical, financial, and regulatory challenges that raise the stakes for everyone, from the geologist in the field to the accountants back at the office. Old-fashioned legacy systems might provide the information needed by one department, but they lack the ability to integrate functions and provide single-source data that could keep everyone working from the same page.
SSI’s oil and gas accounting software was developed with every different part of your company in mind. By keeping all necessary information accessible through a single system, anyone from the board room to the drilling site can find the most current and salient data. Quick and effective analysis is available to managers, engineers, and accountants.
Everyone has specific data needs, but everyone needs their information immediately. SSI provides a clear picture of an operation’s finances, function, and compliance at the touch of a button. Managers are able to get their enterprise data without having to parse financial information. Accountants can get a bird’s eye view of the financials or they can drill down to the penny. Controllers get to live in a data-rich environment that makes it easy to satisfy reporting, documentation, and regulatory requirements. 
The SSI Suite works for every part of your operation.
Executives in the oil and gas industry can easily get too much information about their company, but getting the information that tells them what they need to know is a different matter. SSI’s Executive Browser allows managers to search, collect, and view the data that helps them make the big decisions. This intuitive, effective design has earned SSI its reputation as one of the powerful information systems in the industry. The markets may change, but you’ll always be ready.
SSI’s transformative data presentation may be its most exciting feature, but you’ll fall in love with the way it saves you money by streamlining your company’s most routine functions. Your staff will regain valuable hours in the schedule when SSIMail replaces your monthly mailings of invoices, RP and AP vouchers, and JIB invoices. The simple document retrieval system also saves time for everyone in the company.
From the day-to-day financial recording to the production of annual reports, SSI makes it easy to meet the needs of your management, investors, and industry regulators. You can drill down to view a single transaction, or you can easily examine whole divisions or large time periods. The system also integrates the financial information for a variety of products into one location.
SSI is fully compatible with the Microsoft Office suite of applications. You also have the ability to easily import information from any other system into SSI, simplifying your organization’s transition to SSI from any other platform.
If you’ve ever looked at your current oil and gas accounting software and thought that there could be a better way, then we invite you to contact us. We can’t wait to show you how SSI can maximize the effectiveness of each element in your organization.
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