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SSI Mail & Office 365

SSI Mail & Office 365

May 3, 2022

What is SSI Mail?

SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software was the first to introduce a seamless integration between SSI Mail and every owner/vendor/business associate related reporting application, so that anything and everything can be emailed with just a few quick clicks. There’s no limit to what can be emailed and to whom. Email the joint interest billing statement, revenue voucher, accounts payable voucher, 1099, production report, etc. to recipients. You can pay bills and distribute revenue using EFT (electronic funds transfer), electronically send vouchers by email and never touch a piece of paper or an envelope! Eliminates the time involved to printing, separating, stuffing, folding and mailing a joint interest bill to every single owner. Saves money on paper, toner, envelopes and postage.

Using Office 365 with SSI Mail

According to Microsoft, using EOP (email online protocol) to send bulk email is not a supported use of the service and is only permitted on a “best-effort” basis. For customers who do want to send bulk email, they recommend using a third-party bulk email provider. There are several third-party bulk email solution providers that you can use to send mass mailings. These companies have a vested interest in working with customers to ensure good email sending practices.

SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software has many clients using Office 365 for their SSI Mail bulk emails and have not had any issues. However, we have had three clients who have failed Microsoft’s “best efforts” test. When sending bulk emails, they received a message that they have been identified as a spammer and they are not allowed to send any more emails that day. It’s impossible to know what the Microsoft limits are for sending bulk emails because they change daily. The three clients who have reported the issue to SSI purchased a third-party bulk email provider and have no had any issues with their bulk emails. The providers they are using are SendGrid and SMTP2GO.

If you are currently using Office 365 as your email provider and you are sending bulk emails without issues, simply be aware that at some point, your company may fall within the Microsoft sending limits. If this happens, Microsoft offers two solutions: use a third-party bulk email provider or send the bulk email through an on-premises server.

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