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SSI Home Page

SSI Home Page

November 30, 2022

SSI Home Page

Home is where the HEART of SSI is…

Most everything has a home page of some sort, typically as links to information and “how to's”.

SSI in no exception. SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software provides a nifty home page, full of neatly organized quick-access links to important and valuable information regarding our software.

When SSI is initially executed, you might default to the SSI Home page, or you might not. You might have your desktop set to start on another menu (User Preferences ‐ Screen Startup). No matter where you start in SSI, it's simple to get to the home page.

From any menu screen in SSI ‐ there's a menu bar (upper left - right under the Company and Activity fields. Don't confuse this menu bar with the very top ribbon bar).

See the first tab?    Home ‐ where the heart of SSI starts.

SSI Home Page

With that, here's a question. Have you ever actually looked at the home screen? Under the big SSI icon, we'll start down the left side, then down the middle, and then the right.

  • SSI Help ‐ quick access to SSI's On-Line Help for all kinds of accounting and program how-tos. Enhancing and updating our On-Line Help for new applications and programs, as well as for updates to current programs, is an on-going and high priority project for us. Check it out!
  • Technical Help ‐ more for the techies, documentation for things like how to set up SSI on a new desktop, how to migrate to a new server, backup recommendations, and virus scanning policies, among other things. Just like the On-Line Help, we strive to keep the Technical Help current and applicable for changes in technology that affect the SSI product.
  • HelpDesk Request ‐ DO NOT USE THIS LINK!! HA! Just kidding of course! This might be the most often used link. Direct access to our HelpDesk website page. USE IT! For a HelpDesk request for Client Services or for Technical assistance. We are here for you and available all day Monday ‐ Friday, 8am -5pm CST. All you need is your company ID. There's a drop-down list with choices of things on which assistance is needed. Our HelpDesk assistance is the best in the industry ‐ prompt and ready to solve all your problems. And HEY!!! Did you know? On this screen there's a Client Survey link, our Holiday Schedule and quick access to ordering check stock and SSI forms.
  • HelpDesk Remote Support ‐ hand in hand with our HelpDesk and a most beneficial tool to help us help you, allows SSI access to your computer to actually see what you're seeing so that we can troubleshoot and resolve the problem or issue easier and faster. We use ScreenConnect/ConnectWise; it is safe and provides the integrity we both need to retain the security of your data and software. It's easy to implement from start to finish and is driven by a code or link we provide for each remote access session.
  • SSI Website ‐ direct link to our company's website. Benefits of having SSI, information about our company, products we can provide and contact information. Also, our Blog screen ‐ if you want to go the long way around. But we've got a short-cut to the Blog (below). And the Client Homepage pops you right over to the HelpDesk Request screen (above).
  • SSI Insights ‐ Blog ‐ lots of fun reading here! Our SSI Insights Blog covers all kinds of information. We keep it short and sweet and cover topics on all sorts of ways to let SSI help you be more productive and efficient. Timeless, cataloged by date, and are always available to read and re-read.
  • Download Service Pack ‐ easy access to download Service Packs. Click the link and follow the steps to keep SSI running efficiently and with the most current program enhancements and updates. Service Packs updates are especially important for industry changes, state reporting changes, governmental changes. SSI strongly encourages our clients to always stay current on updates.
  • Client Concerns ‐ oops! Did we do something wrong? Was our client support something less than stellar? We want to know. Type your name in the box and click Submit. Our President, Baird Archbald - or our Executive Director, Debra Hembree will contact you ASAP to address your concern. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! You talk, we listen.
  • Release Enhancements ‐ more fun reading! Get a list of all enhancements made in the most recent SSI RELEASE. As you know, about once a year SSI puts out a major RELEASE with all the programming enhancements on which we've been working all year long. This list accommodates that RELEASE, explaining each enhancement and the benefit of implementing the new program or change. Organized by program, your JIB department can read just the JIB changes, revenue department can concentrate on only changes in revenue applications, etc. Or…great for management to read and integrate changes through-out all departments. Not lengthy, boring or time-consuming, and backed up with our on-line help documentation, gives brief but useful information on what was done and how it can help make your job EZier.
  • Pre-Release Enhancements ‐ Woohoo!! A short and sweet list of cool ENHANCEMENTS to our product included in the Service Packs that you don't have to wait for the yearly RELEASE to implement. Some are necessary changes, governmental or industry, that can't wait, but some are just enhancements we think are so beneficial we just don't want you to have to wait!
  • Pest Control List ‐ well…yuck. We don't like 'em and everyone's got 'em…booboos on programs (aka as another B word ‐ bugs). Although we don't like them, we are committed to fixing them in the quickest and most efficient way possible, and getting those program modifications out to you ASAP. Hence…SERVICE PACKS. We talked about Service Packs above, and this is yet another good reason why those Service Packs should STAY CURRENT! You don't want to waste time running into a problem, and making a call only to find out the correction has been made and already released on a Service Pack. SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software is the BEST in the industry at getting modifications made and released to our clients quickly and easily.
  • Checklists ‐ crucial to processing functions of SSI, the SSI Checklist are up-to the minute accurate. Whether you've been using SSI for 25 years, 5 years or 5 months, SSI Checklists are a life-saver from which everyone can benefit. Included are Checklists for Accounts Payables check writing, Payroll, and Land Check writing. Checklists for processing Accounts Payable Workflow, Fixed Asset for monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually and Order Entry processes. And of course, a Month-End Checklist for Oil and Gas (which contains JIB and Revenue Distribution processing, Revenue check writing, and General Ledger closing processes). Checklists are SO important and SO helpful for you.

It's a wrap. The home fires are burning and you can bask in the glow of knowing that your SSI Oil and Gas Accounting Software provides for your needs and makes your job EZier!

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