Executive & Manager Benefits


While all accounting systems seek to accurately record the day to day transactions of the business in a timely fashion, not all systems provide the executives with the kind of information they need to effectively run the business. That is why SSI has worked so hard to develop the best of both worlds for executives in the oil and gas industry. For years SSI has been known as one of the most powerful oil and gas software products available. Now you can benefit from this advanced information system with a new tool the Executive Browser. The Executive Browser allows the manager to intuitively inquire, print and view enterprise data without being involved in the accounting functions. The Executive Browser frames information in management terms, not accounting terms. Call us today at 800.736.6801 when you are ready for us to make your job easier!

  • Executive Browser

    A comprehensive view of your company's accounting information, presented in a clear and easy to use format.

  • Growth

    Cost-effective for single-users, yet powerful enough to support the demands for companies with 150+ Users.

  • Reliability

    300+ clients, 30+ years of industry expertise.