Controller/Accountant Benefits


Today's energy enterprise is inundated with more data, more regulation, and more information needs than ever. Providing timely and accurate financial reports to executive management as well as meaningful reports to investors is a daunting task. SSI makes it easier to do your job accurately and on time. We have created an integrated, functional accounting system that is easy to use and provides a complete history of transactions without slowing down the current environment. Productivity tools such as our exclusive Archived Report Manager and Imaging make the clerical aspects of your company very efficient. Call us today at 800.736.6801 to discuss your specific accounting software needs. Our motto is Making Your Job Easier.



  • Document Imaging

    Document Retrieval from every desktop, for any SSI window.

  • SSIMail

    Replace monthly mailings of JIB invoices, land invoices, RP vouchers, AP vouchers, and AR statements. SSIMail may bring your company the biggest direct cost savings.

  • Guaranteed Data Conversion

    Import Data from any previous system into SSI. Guaranteed.

  • Full Integrated System

    Automatic integration of information between all products such as production, land, revenue, and JIB.