Accounting User Benefits


SSI oil and gas accounting software was created to make your job easier. We have reduced the hassles that commonly plague other software programs. We understand your position and the role you play in an organization. That is why we focus on: Giving you the best user training available, providing the most advanced help tool in the industry, and simplifying common applications without losing the system effectiveness, SSI is unique. We are unique because we focus on the end user first. If you are ready to look at one of the most advanced and easiest to use applications available, give us a call at 800.736.6801. Our motto is Making Your Job Easier. Check us out.

  • Support

    Talk to a live person. Guaranteed 1, 4, and 9 hour response times.

  • Microsoft Integration

    Complete seamless integration into Microsoft Excel, Access, and Word.

  • On-site Training

    Your office, your books, and your personal SSI Account Manager.