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The information needs of today's energy enterprises are complex and voluminous. Added to this complexity are the regulatory burdens placed on these companies. The SSI Energy Management System is a highly reliable, robust and integrated series of applications developed for energy related enterprises. The applications were specifically designed for Operators, Non-Operators, Royalty Owners, Drilling Companies, Supply Companies, and Service Companies. The products are designed to provide a flexible, scalable and full-featured energy management solution. The SSI System maximizes user flexibility and scalability, and allows straightforward integration with other applications. Our goal is Making Your Job Easier.



Allow Well Profitability (Well History) reports to be tailored to fit your specific needs. Tailored reports can be created to include/exclude specific criteria and then "saved", so that those reports can be executed at any time with a single mouse click. The SSI Well History applications allow you to pinpoint wells that deserve attention quickly and easily, as well as the ability to generate graphs to show profitability. Save your time with a picture worth at LEAST a thousand words!


SSI's innovative use of Well Groups is unparalleled. By associating wells/groups of wells within "user-defined" groups, SSI's sophisticated Well History Analysis options provide accurate reporting with no waiting. Well Masters are attached to a specific group (or groups) to be categorized in a variety of ways, i.e. Production Status, Acquisition, etc., so that virtually ANY well-related report can be generated in no time to include (or exclude) specific groups.


SSI utilizes a third party graphing tool called Smart Chart for Well Graphing. This product was chosen for its versatility, ease of use, and its ability to interface with many different SSI applications. SSI's interface allows Well History date to be graphed easily and quickly with absolutely no additional entry. The graphing function uses a Wizard format so that graphing preferences can be stored and saved for future use.


Create digital images of source documents that are immediately accessible from your desktop. Images are integrated into the SSI Accounting system to provide "drill down" capabilities to the digital documents from management reports. View, code and approve payments right on your screen for digital Accounts Payables Invoices. Original source documents are kept secure, but are available to be digitally viewed by the entire company. Save time and money by eliminating the need to search for paper documents, prevent misfiling, and ensure documents can be found with Digital Documents and SSI.


The link between the SSI product and email. SSIMAIL provides the ability replace monthly mailings of Joint Interest Billing Invoices, Land Billing Invoices, Accounts Receivables Statements, Revenue Payables check vouchers, and more by sending out information via email. SSIMAIL incorporates into the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), allowing the ability to reassign traditional Accounts Payables and Revenue Distribution check writing into electronic deposits and emailing the detail. SSIMAIL may bring your company the biggest direct cost savings of any SSI application released to date.


Intuitive and simple, the SSI Executive Browser was designed specifically with managers in mind. Inquire, print and view your company's SSI data without being involved in the daily accounting functions. The Executive Browser frames SSI data in management terms, not accounting terms, providing an immediate "birds-eye" view for Owner information, Well information, etc. on a simple desktop menu. Create and retrieve your own information with no waiting!


Create custom reports easily and quickly, and store those reports for future use. Data extracts can be created on virtually ANY field within SSI, and generated in a spreadsheet format so that queries can be manipulated. When custom reports are your desire, ODBC has the power!


Store ANY and ALL generated reports for retrieval at any time. ANY Archived report can be viewed, printed or partially printed at ANY time. Eliminates filing time, reduces paper printouts, reduces paper being purchased, reduces the number of filing cabinets needed, reduces the amount of office space used for filing cabinets, reduces EVERYTHING! The ability to view reports on the screen saves TIME and MONEY.


SSI has embraced the concept of easily exporting transaction into an Excel format, with correctly defined columns (as opposed to a non-formatted single column). Based on selected filters, data can be extracted and sent to Excel in order to sort/manipulate the transactions in a multitude of ways.


Accounting transactions can be entered into a spreadsheet, and then imported into the SSI Oil and Gas Accounting system with the same validation, verification and audit features as manually entered transactions. For the spreadsheet savvy, this is a HUGE help. Use either or both methods, the SSI entry screen and/or your spreadsheets for easy data entry!


Available for clients requiring migration from other systems. In a timely manner, SSI has successfully converted data from a number of other Oil and Gas Accounting systems.


Designed and embraced by SSI to save time and money, SSIMICR creates the check layout and fills in the check detail, all in a single pass. Using blank, secure check stock, SSIMICR prints the check details, the company information with optional logo, and option for automatic check signatures. Reduce the risk of fraud by eliminating the need to store and protect negotiable documents. Especially nice for multi-company/multi-account clients, use a single blank check stock for all companies to reduce dollars spent on pre-printed check stock, save space storing check stock and eliminate mistakes from using the wrong check stock. And, of course, SSIMICR implements a user name and password for security purposes.



The General Ledger is the foundation of any good accounting system. The SSI General Ledger offers more than just the ability to process your daily entries; it functions as a financial information system. The module combines power and flexibility with ease of use, to give you the critical information you need to make timely and informed business decisions and manage your business more effectively. The General Ledger module provides the information you need quickly. It puts you in firm control of your business by giving you quick access to mission-critical financial data. This allows you to improve your financial control over the organization, speed up decision making, and lower costs. Our goal is Making Your Job Easier.


The SSI Accounts Receivable module helps you improve cash flow while enhancing customer service through more effective management of your entire collections process. It is a key component of SSI Energy Management Systems, a highly reliable, robust and integrated series of business applications that delivers a flexible, scalable and full-featured total energy management solution. Accounts Receivable gives you the power of automation to speed up and streamline every step in your collection efforts, from invoice entry to the recording of payments. The system automatically calculates sales taxes, discounts, commissions and due dates, and automatically distributes invoice amounts to the appropriate General Ledger account. During payment application, the module lets you automatically apply cash receipts to open invoices. You will improve your collection efforts and cash flow because Accounts Receivable lets you monitor your customer accounts with a whole new level of timeliness and efficiency. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can access up-to-the-minute statistical summaries, as well as summarized or detailed transaction listings, and generate in-depth management reports. Our goal is Making Your Job Easier.


The SSI Accounts Payable module helps you save time, reduce administrative costs and gain better control over your business processes by automating a wide range of vendor-related tasks. It is a key component of the SSI Energy Management System, a highly reliable, robust and integrated series of business applications that delivers a flexible, scalable and full featured total energy management solution. In addition to providing maximum flexibility, the system gives you fast, easy access to the information you need for day-to-day tasks and period-end processing, including vendor statistics, aging and transaction information. Accounts Payable simplifies voucher entry by automatically calculating sales taxes, discounts and due dates, as well as by defaulting General Ledger accounts, payment terms and 1099 information. Because you can set up recurring vouchers, you'll save time and maximize productivity by eliminating duplicate work each month. Simplified period-end processing can further improve your productivity. Our goal is Making Your Job Easier.


Payroll accuracy and efficiency are critical to individual employees, company bottom lines, and government agencies. You need the control to process your payroll accurately and quickly every time. SSI Payroll is fully integrated with the SSI General Ledger, so you enter data just once and instantly share it with the entire system for maximum efficiency. Benefits administration is automatically integrated with payroll processing. Powerful tax compliance reporting and analysis, excellent tracking of employee hours and accrual balances, maximum security, and a variety of check disbursing options give you both control and flexibility for your company's individual structure and needs. Our goal is Making Your Job Easier.


Classify, organize and keep track of your assets with SSI's Fixed Assets product. Assets can be classified by asset type and expensed/depreciated accordingly. Fixed Asset Maintenance allows assets to be added/changed/deleted, maintaining all the data necessary for a COMPLETE fixed asset record. Fixed Asset reports can be generated based on the asset type. Depreciation schedules are calculated based on the 4 major methods: Book Method, Tax Method, Alternative Minimum Tax Method, and ACE Method, and each method is associated with all of the standard calculation methods…i.e. Straight Line, Straight Line 1/2 Year, S/L Declining Balance, Sum of Year's Digits, Double Declining, 150% Declining, ACRS, MACRS, UOP, etc. SSI's Fixed Asset product is integrated to also allow an automatic In-Load of Well Equipment Assets from the Well History modules. Our goal is Making Your Job Easier.



The SSI Well Management system is the repository for all of the necessary flags, descriptors, codes, etc. that are used by the SSI Energy Management System. User-defined codes such as lifting codes, status codes, well groupings, etc. are maintained to provide the user with maximum flexibility. Interfaced with the general accounting module as well as the Oil and Gas subsidiary modules. The net result is a system that is not only efficient and productive but very flexible and easy to use.


SSI's Chain of Title (COT) has set the standard for the Oil and Gas software industry. Maintaining well ownership changes based on effective date creates the “chain” and archives historical DOIs, allowing the ability to distribute revenue to the appropriate (historical) ownership based on the Production month being paid. All transfer of ownership changes are archived with a date stamp for historical auditing purposes. The SSI Division Order module is integrated with the Chain of Title module so that when changes in ownership are made, SSI will keep track of the owners that need Division Orders, and the new associated Division Orders can be quickly and easily generated on a pre-printed NADOA approved form.


The SSI Joint Interest Billing system provides all the necessary tools to provide your working interest owners with complete information regarding their obligation of well expenses. Besides interfacing to General Ledger and Accounts Payable to extract well expenses and interfacing to Accounts Receivable for invoice posting, the system interfaces to Well History and Production Reporting to provide a myriad of management oriented exception based reporting. Our goal is Making Your Job Easier.


The SSI Revenue Payables system provides a complete application module for entering, editing, and distribution of received revenues and deductions on oil and gas properties. With our unique feature of Chain of Title processing, “decks” are no longer needed as revenue distribution becomes production date sensitive and processing utilizing previous DOIs becomes much easier.


The SSI Authority for Expenditure (AFE) module provides complete control of capital costs and expenses throughout all phases of the development project. The AFE module is fully integrated with Accounts Payables, General Ledger, and Joint Interest Billing, providing “one-source” entry, and also provides unique AFE budgeting for the development phase, completion phase, work over phase, as well as miscellaneous non JIB phases. The AFE Invoicing enhancement can be used to print AFE pre-bills, or “cash calls” based on the Working Interest percentage for each participating investor. And, as throughout the SSI product, the AFE Invoicing module integrates into the Accounts Receivables, General Ledger and Well DOI information, providing the same “one-source” entry, all designed to make YOUR job easier.


The SSI Well History Reporting system (Lease Operating Statements) is the most immediately beneficial tool of the SSI Oil & Gas System with respect to operational management decision-making. Many users find the volume of Well History report formats and options offered by this module superior for all management needs. Included in this module is the Annual Well History Report that provides a full, rolling twelve months of profit trend analysis for the user company's working interest. This report can also be used to gain full fiscal year balancing well reports.

Optional companion modules include the Well History Consolidation module and the Well History Detail Reporting module. The Well Consolidation module provides a myriad of property consolidation schemes using a large number of standard system fields as well as the 30 user-defined fields known to SSI users as Well Groups. These consolidation facilities provide multi-level profitability tracking with unequaled flexibility. The Well Detail History module provides historical expense analysis methods at the detail category level (e.g. electricity, fuel, etc.). Our goal is Making Your Job Easier.


SSI has teamed up with GreaseBook, a mobile app specifically designed for operators and their pumpers. GreaseBook is the easiest, cheapest, slickest oil and gas data management solution the industry has ever seen, GreaseBook guarantees you a 2-4% increase in production with zero ramp-up time, no contracts, and a 110% money-back guarantee.

By important you productions from the GreaseBook app, SSI reconciles you oil sales, and provides you with a multitude of oil and gas production reports including 12 Year Summary Production, 2 Year Detail monthly Production Analysis, and Inception To Date summaries.


The SSI Land Management system assists in management of lease locations, leasehold costs and all lease related obligations. View leasehold totals by state, county, survey/lot/block or section/township/range with section or survey totals indicating company net acres and delivered acres with actual delivered WI interest after royalty and overrides. Automate the creation of delay rental or shut-in payments checks. Stay on top of your many obligations and expirations with a seamlessly integrated land system.


The SSI Land Management Billing system provides allocation and joint billing of prospect/lease expense to partners in the area of mutual interest providing detail professional land billing invoices designed to inform your partners of progress and cost.


Designed to export by various selections, quickly map leases that are non-producing, producing, producing with Pugh Clause exceptions, rentals, leasehold rights and more. Coupled with ArcView, Mapinfo, or Petra, create presentation quality maps in minutes that previously took days to prepare. Your leases are not static, nor should your maps be! SSI’s Grid Export is a bolt-on module, available and integrated to a fully high-powered, effective lease product designed specifically to Make Your Job Easier. Note: Only works with Jeffersonian based aliquots.


Track Non-Consent Working Interest Owners automatically with SSI. Assignment of WI as Non-consent to other WI Owners automatically creates calculation and tracking of non-consent payout. This eliminates the need for “off system” spreadsheet and calculations. Save time and stay more accurate with SSI’s Non-Consent Payout Tracking system.


Keep track of the payouts of Working Interest owners when accounting for reversionary interest events. Save time and eliminate ‘off system’ spreadsheets and calculations by allowing SSI to track these events for you automatically, as a by-product of accurate JIB allocation, revenue distribution, and assignments. Payout may even be calculated from 8/8ths values if revenue or JIB is not performed for the investor. In either case, SSI will always inform you of an investors payout position. You may only choose to see those that have paid out allowing you to specifically address what reversionary assignments need to be made. SSI’s Chain of Title maintains reversionary back-ins at payout and will make the payout assignment at the click of the button. What more could a payout tracking system do to make your job easier?



Developed for the drilling contractor, the SSI Rig Cost application works in conjunction with the Payroll and Accounts Payable systems. Allocate all payroll costs to a well and job to track the true cost of the project and verify the profitability of each agreement. Measure the profitability of all jobs done or sort the jobs by rig or measure the profitability of each rig, highlighting the most profitable rigs for your company. Easily and quickly turn data into information that enables the best business decisions possible!


Integrated into SSI’s Inventory system as well as financial applications, the Order Management module is crucial for keeping track of services and parts sold. Not only does Order Management invoice and update your Accounts Receivables for items sold, but adjusts your inventory for all warehouses. Reporting/Inquiry options include the ability check historical sales by customer or inventory item, reprint or review ANY invoice – historical or current, as well as check inventory item status, such as quantity on hand, quantity on order, and quantity available for shipment. A single application that invoices, shows history, and inventory all integrated to Make Your Job Easier.


As with the SSI Order Management module, the Inventory Module is crucial for sales and service companies so that inventory can be purchased, sold, and re-ordered when needed, and integrates into the Accounts Receivables module as well as the financial applications within SSI. Items can be combined into “kits” which can be sold through Order Management using a single “kit” price rather than a price per item. Reporting options include the ability to calculate stocking levels based on historical usage, generation of critical items reports for items within a user-established re-order point, and reports for item evaluation for re-orders, overstocked items, slow-moving items and a physical inventory worksheet…all designed to Make Your Job Easier.


Fully integrated with the Accounts Payables, Well Management, Job/Rig Cost, and Inventory Control Modules, SSI’s Purchase Order features include the ability to allow confirmed (active) or not confirmed (on-hold) outstanding purchaser orders as well as future purchase orders. Purchase Orders can be customized to fit your company’s unique business needs. Non-receipted Purchase Orders can be optionally included in Well AFE’s, Rig or Job Cost reporting to facilitate timely cost accounting…the ultimate goal to Make Your Job Easier.



SSI’s Leasehold Depletion Module calculates Cost Depletion, Cost Depreciation and Cost Amortization based on Units of Production. Calculates, prints and maintains Book and Tax schedules for Depletion of Leasehold Cost Working Interest Basis, Depletion of Leasehold Cost Royalty Interest Basis, Depreciation of Tangible Cost based on Units of Production, Amortization of Intangible Drilling Cost. Trial Schedules can be produced at any time, and comparative schedules of Cost-Based Depletion vs. the lesser of Statutory and Net Allowable, highlighting the allowable (greater amount) “Tax Depletion can be generated to Make Your Job Easier.


Automatically import the burdens associated with working interest parties when creating the gas market group. Allocate dedicated gas sales to the market group and communicate the dedication, receipt percent and the true ownership percent to each revenue recipient via the check detail. Integrated to SSI’s Chain of Title, the gas market group is automatically updated when the assignment is made. Burdens are always in balance as they too are assigned during assignment processing.


Integrated with the Gas Market Groups application, this module provides wellhead entitlement balancing to all participants. It automatically adjusts balance positions of all parties when an event occurs. Events include sales, adjustments and assignments. The SSI Gas Balancing system recalculates each participants balance position from the date of the event forward to the present, for as long as the data is available on SSI. Owners are individually balanced by JIB, All Revenue Interest, and Oklahoma PPI facilitating all state balancing requirements. An owner may be assigned to a Market Group for gas balancing statement preparation and his position will be rolled up into the gas marketing agent such as the operator or others who are marketing his gas.


Designed to account for capitalized equipment, items are associated by user-defined product groups such as engines, pumps, drill pipe, etc. and predefined as an “Item” type or a “Tubular” type. The SSI Rig Equipment module is fully integrated to the SSI Energy Management System, allowing streamlined processing for material transfers and receipt of new equipment, as well as transfers from yard to rig, rig to yard, or rig to rig. Reporting options provide print/display of inventory items, selectively by item, group or all, and include sub-totals by group as wells a by location, allows exception reporting to include or exclude retired items, and provides current values to allow inventory evaluation, all with the goal to Make Your Job Easier.


The SSI Well Equipment/Inventory application provides the history of equipment for each well and all equipment owned by your company by yards. View equipment by location, by product type or by vendor and use material transfers to move equipment between wells, into a yard or out of a yard. Be sure equipment is sold for the desired price by understanding the current basis. Save time while ensuring that the location of all equipment is known. Ever wonder what salvage value may truly be on a well?


Designed with Document Imaging in mind, SSI Contracts allows the set up for various types of contracts, documents or certificates (JOA, Division Orders, Certificates of Insurance, and W-9’s for example) and may be associated or “linked” to owners, vendors, well masters, etc. Each contract can be scanned and associated to a specific Contract Type, defined by the user. Contracts include important dates for signing, starting, ending, re-determination, and notification. Inquiry/Print routines allow for including only contracts within a selected date range, and allow views from any of the “links” (owners, vendors, etc.). SSI offers the ability to “drill down” from the Contracts database to the actual scanned document in order to Make Your Job Easier.